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RP [Yamatai] Star Army Recruiting Center (YE 43)


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The ant anthro followed the blonde neko's lead, standing, and saluting. When the receptionist offered her hand, Kwabba-an nearly reached out and shook it, before she realized she was just being directed out the door and to the right towards her physical. Kwabba-an put down the hand she was about to shake with, nodded a small bow to the other woman, and followed the directions without another word.

Commissar Farzi

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Steiner regarded his current situation-despite his best attempt at diplomacy, the situation didn't seemed to be de-escalating-not helped by the fact the man in front of him seemed less than inclined to believe anything that came out of the drone. As much as he was reluctant to do so, he figured now would be time to cut his losses.

"Once again, my apologies for causing a disturbance. I had intended to apply for the Star Army, but given the general reception perhaps this would not be the best course of action. I will see myself out." And with that, Steiner opened the door, and the drone slowly saw its way out. He radioed his ground guide. "We're leaving, you'll receive your payment when we reach Ternifac." His formal way of speaking had deteriorated given the general events of the last few days, a lapse in discipline on his part- and with that, Steiner followed the small vehicle out of Kyoto City. While there likely would be consequences later for causing a disturbance at a military facility, they were low on his list of priorities at the moment. He needed to get rid of that outfit.
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