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RP: YSS Kaiyō [YSS Kaiyō] Ichi

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The Whistler

After the initial rocket was detonated, the first burst plumed out of the ship. Then, there were more as the shockwave hit each bit of plastic and missile. Like a symphony, one explosion was accompanied by another and another. They went off in spurts at first, explosions yielding to one another as each created its own bursting of combustion.

The away team were subject to this glory and madness all rolled into one before they heard over comms Taii Eden's voice.

"Return to the ship, you've done a fine job."
YSS Kaiyō
Bridge Entrance

Anastasia, satisfied in her quiet sponging of information from the entrance to the bridge, let out a quiet sigh of relief. She stood straight, correcting her nervous posture before walking completely out of the bridge. She head towards the Power Armor Bay to greet and inspect her returning comrades; and their expensive suits.
Yoshida let out another laugh, moving over and patting Miessa on the back for a job well done, maybe with a little too much force as yoshida herself waved her arms to regain her entirely imaginary balance. "Yes ma'am Taii Eden! Alllright lets go back and say hi to poor Anastasia, she is going to have some work to do." Yoshida looksed down at herself as she said this, noting her partially slagged armor. "Yeeahh... sorry friend!"

She giggled a bit apologetically over the comms and took off back to the ship, zooming at very nearly full speed before coming to a complete stop juust short of the bay, her thrusters having been previously makeing her look like a very obvious, shining beacon in space before their sudden shut down for the breaks. To her of course, she hardly felt like she was going fast at all save for her reference point of the ship.

She floated into the power bay rather gently after that, doing a few stretches on her way to her rack, looking around at her fellow infantry and especially for Anastasia. "Goood to be back!"
Carter watched the destructive light show of the Whistler's demolition, appreciating his correct assessments in the placements of the explosives for maximum effect and his squadmates' efficiency in placing them in so little time, then turned away from the silent display and moved with his teammates back to the Kaiyo. When he arrived at the Power Armor bay, he promptly set about extracting the captured pirate from his Docile, disabling the suit's internal power and weapons systems with surgical precision using his Aether blade, and sending in the call for a medic and security to get the pirate to an acceptable holding cell.

With that dealt with, Carter proceded to exit his Mindy and double check the status of the rest of the squad's armor, noting where repairs would be required in the near future. He greeted Anastasia with a wave, walking over to confer with the other technician who was responsible for the armor. "I'll probably have to go to debriefing, but I'll be back help with the repairs as soon as possible."
Meissa practically flops out of her Mindy when she gets back to the Kaiyo. She waves a hand at the stationed technician and heads straight for the bridge for her debrief, expecting probably the worst for getting her comms shot out in the first few minutes of the op.
The Kaiyō

The away team could hear Taii Eden's instructions as she said, "Debrief in one hour. Get yourselves cleaned up and to the wardroom in that time."

She then turned to the bridge crew. "That means you, as well."

To the med lab she comm'd in and said, "You have one hour to get answers and to report them at the meeting in the wardroom."
YSS Kaiyo
Power Armor Bay

Anastasia made it to the armor bay just in time to greet the returning team. She gave them all waves and some slightly swamped looks as they dismounted the mostly damaged armor suits, particularly Meissa's. She greeted Yoshida and Carter as they walked to her, smiling. "Good, you're all back in one piece."

Anastasia looks at Carter as he offers help for the repairs. She waits a moment before responding. "Thanks, after the debrief." After her remarks, she waltzed over towards the damaged suits, giving them a look-over.
Kaiyo, Power Armor Bay

Mitsuko arrived right behind Airi, who was soon out of her armor and checking on the prisoner. Murakami took a few moments longer, making sure her own armor was properly stowed. She smoothed out her long skirt, eyes glowing brightly as she looked over the others in the Bay. The glow was muted by the tinted glasses she carefully settled into place a moment later, as she moved to assist their Medic.

Medical Center

The Logistics Neko did not seem to enjoy transporting the de-armored Pirate, wrinkling her nose up as she helped carry him the short distance from the Power Armor Bay. She hesitated for a moment as she noticed Navian and Sakamoto already in the room, conversing with the first prisoner in his cell. She simply nodded to them and continued, helping Airi load the pirate in the cell furthest from the other, leaving an empty space between them. Airi began conferring with the burly Medic that had been assisting with the first prisoner, while Mitsuko shifted towards the door, trying not to make eye contact with Sakamoto. She obviously didn't want to become involved in this situation.
Meissa turns around, goes back to her room, and finishes the shower she started. Once she finishes (about thirty minutes later) she arrives in the wardroom with a cup of coffee in her hands.
She sees herself in a shiny surface, sighs, and smooths out her hair a little.
"Seriously, how does it even end up that messy..."
YSS Kaiyo
Power Armor Bay

Yoshida gave her somewhat dated, but familiar cheery wave to Anastashia as she rushed past, and backed into the rack for her mindy, Taking the chance to finally remove her helmet and pull herself out of her mindy like the butterfly out of a cocoon, except the cocoon was superior in everyway physically. "Haaaa sorry about the mess." She yelled over as she wiggled out of her suit, popping free and smacking onto the ground with am 'oomph'. She of course got up right away and hoped everyone at least pretended not to see that.

As Anastashia arrived at her own suit she gave her a slightly forceful hug, a vain effort to distract her friend from the fact that her suit looked like it flew too close to the sun. "Heeyyy!" She seemed a bit sweaty, and very very excited. A slightly glistening face that just screamed 'Please oh please look at me and not my suit.'
Anastasia saw it, Anastasia saw it all. By the time Yoshida made it over to her, one of her eyebrows was raised, about to say something before being interrupted by squeezing. She was caught off guard, wincing for a moment as she papped Yoshida on the shoulder. "Wing..."

Anastasia pushed away from the hug, breathing again. She'd already seen the damage to the suit, and Yoshida could tell. "Fair bit of scratches, there. What happened?' She asked like a friend, not like a grumpy mechanic.
YSS Kaiyo
Power Armor Bay

Yoshida gulped a little, the grin still on her face but with a nervous edge to it then as she noted that Antashia did indeed see all. "Ah wing sorry!" She let go and backed off a little as Anastasia backed off from the hug, bringing her hand up to the back of her head and rubbing her hair down a little.

"Ahh sscrratchess... Just some point defense laser cannons about the size of uhhh my arm i think... heeheee uh, nothing major." She lets out another sideways grin. "Leettss go to the debrief- then maybe I can hold your stuff for you to help."
YSS Kaiyō
Medical Lab

A medical lab with Star Army patients was a wholly different creature from one with prisoners of war. For one, the 'burly medic', the Star Army's very own Maki Miyako, didn't look half as chipper as she did on any other day. She still scooted about on the little wheeled chair she 'commandeered' from its usual stowage in the operation room with eyes locked on medical her tasks, but those dark golden orbs weren't crinkling at the corners from her usual smile.

Maybe because a certain resident SAINT agent and bird had taken liberty with her facilities.

Miya went about setting up a stand by all threee of the medical bay's primary beds where she could keep sterilization pads, medical nanos for her scanner, and various other equipment prepped. All the while she could be heard muttering to herself about her checklist: setting up medical exams for the prisoners, for the Elysian and SAINT agent since they had contacted the prisoners, the away team as per protocol, decontaminating the whole bay . . . again.

It almost sounded like she was complaining except the corners of her lips pulled into a smile.

Then they were given a second prisoner and she watched as the unconscious form was deposited in cell three.

She zipped past Mitsuko on her chair, she nearly sang, "Heeeisho~" she slipped into the third containment cell and was already slapping a booster patch on the prisoner's neck and prepping an injection for him, "Are you free to lend a hand? I will need to get both of our guests examined and get materials organized for the team's post-mission physicals. If that's possible for you~!"

She gave the senior woman a genuine smile with her sing-song request while she sat on her chair beside the prisoner.
Carter stopped upon hearing the Taii's orders. "Oh, I've got some time. Never mind, then. I'll be right back."

Carter jogged off down the hallway, out of the Power Armor bay. A few minutes later, he returned, carrying a freshly fabricated replacement transceiver for Meissa's Mindy. "Other than this, it's mostly just damaged armor from those point defenses. The Dociles never dropped our shields." He pulled out the temporary part, tossed it onto the ground next to his own armor, and slotted the replacement in.

"Yosh, the debriefing isn't for an hour yet." He said as he crossed over to his Mindy, picked up the temporary transceiver, and inserted it back into the suit's Fabrication Module to be broken down and reused another day. He then launched into a diagnostic check of the away team's Mindies, pulling up and scanning through damage reports, and making a list of necessary repairs and maintenance to be done.
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Medical Center

Mitsuko jumped back a step as the chair went rolling past her, letting out a soft squeak of surprise as the Medic appeared seemingly out of nowhere. "Um...nobody was injured, I don't believe physicals will be required. The prisoners...well, it seems Sakamoto-Heisho has things well in hand." She gave a weak smile in return, backing up to the doorway.
Medical Lab

From over the edge of her control module, Miya gave the logistics specialist a raised brow, "With all due respect, Heisho: Star Army protocols are very clear. Not only were you and the others part of an away mission into an unknown environment, but you've all also come into contact with foreign persons. And Sakamoto is too busy to assist in the more 'mundane' things." She cleared her throat.

"Its for everyone's safety, really~"

That sing-song voice was back. She waved with one hand for the Heisho to quit her retreat from the medical bay.
Anastasia looks at the damaged suit, and back at Yoshida. She doesn't respond for a moment. "Alriiight. Yours isn't the worst in shape." she smiles, looking over at the other suits. "Might want to go clean yourself up before the debrief."
YSS Kaiyo
Power Armor Bay

Yoshida grumbled and shifted her weight as carter pointed out the huge gap of time to fill, and her smile droppd for a second. Also her tail. "I know, thought we could do that whole socializing thing while waiting in the wardroom..." She perked up with away though, and proceeded to stretch out the stress of being shot at with weapons the size of her arms, then finally peeking back at Anastashia as she heared her mention getting cleaned up. "Ahh yeah that's truee." She giggled to herself after a breif pause of thinking, dismissing the idea with a shake of her head. "Well, I'll be off! I'll meet you there!"

Yoshida gave Anastashia a short wave and walked off on the tips of her toes the whole way to the showers, her tail whipping back and forth the whole time. She went to her cabin and of course, discarded her sweaty clothings, and of course took a quick shower. She did consider just wearing holograms but realized she wasn't sure she wanted to try that either, just yet, and opted to go with her skirted uniform before taking off all the way back to the wardroom on the balls of her feet, located a spot to sit, and awaited her companions. She still had slightly wet hair form her recent shower, making her already typically shiny black hair even more, well, shiny.
YSS Kaiyo

Arb had taken a nearly instantaneous shower, simply washing off the nervous sweat and odors befouling her during the fight. Following with a quick change into her spare uniform - she wasn't sure about Taii Eden's policy regarding dress code yet, and didn't intend to step out of bounds in under a week- and she looked somewhat... Oh she's asleep in one of the chairs, her head leaning backward slightly, and tilted to her right. At least she doesn't snore, her chest moving smoothly and evenly as she breathes the atmosphere around her. Her hair and feathers are still slightly wet, giving her the appearance of a brunette rather than a redhead. With such a small frame she could almost pass as an adolescent, instead of simply a young adult.
YSS Kaiyō
Power Armor Bay

Anastasia gave a wave back to Yoshida as she went back to her business, inspecting the integrity and damage of the armor suits beside Car in an almost compulsive manner. She doesn't say anything for about a minute, before piping up quietly, talking to Carter for probably the third time this trip. "How're those looking?"
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