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RP: YSS Kaiyō [YSS Kaiyō] Ichi

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YSS Kaiyo

Misaki looked to Eden with a look of agreement and further question, "The question is, Taii Eden, do we capture the ship or destroy it. Either way we still have to deal with the other." She looked to Mochi and seemed to look him over as if to gauge his mindset before looking back to the Taii, returning her face to her usual thoughtful expression. She seemed to think for a moment before shooting a message telepathically to Eden's mind.

"What are our orders on time to the front, because this is only putting weight and drag on our time."
The Whistler

Yoshida watched the, quite impressive and somewhat indimidating manuver pulled off by mitsuko, letting out an anime-esque "Sugoi..." Just after spotting that, allowing for a moment to have her jaw hang open of course, she retracted her LASR and swapped magazines for another one hundred round AP mag, let hast one. "Hope I'm that good one day!"

She let out a laugh, and continued using her NSBs to peak around that corner, havving her suit AI assist in aiming and controlling the NSBs to manuver to avoid oncoming fire, simply unloading down range of the hall. Certainly if this bridge still had atmosphere it would be filled with the ratta-tat-tat of gunfire. Of course the hallway was srill very much alight with the muzzle flashes as rounds pinged off of walls, sheilds, and armor.
YSS Kaiyō

"Yes, Mochi. You have a great point," she said to the scientist. "Away team," she called into their comms. "The bubble-shaped rockets from the Dociles! Use one of those to set off the explosions! You have one minute to get this ship blown to pieces like the last!"

Having gotten indication from both her XO and science advisor that there was another ship to be incapacitated, she asked Taisa Catherine Ross, the squadron leader, "What would you like us to do after we have downed the second caravan, The Whistler?"

Catherine Ross responded, "I told you, all of our targets have been decimated. We are waiting on the Kaiyō to end this fight!"

"Hai!" Taii Eden replied. "Yes, Taisa! That we will do!" Eden said to the squadron leader, then to her away team, spoke out. "One minute before I want you out of there and coming back to the Kaiyō!"

"There is time for answers, we don't need them now. Just get them!" Eden said to the projection of Sakamoto.
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"Objective clear. Cleaning out this hallway."
Meissa also deploys NSBs, while taking her Aether Beam back out, setting it to Beam, and initiates further laser cutting of the hallway.
"Haha allright let's tear them up!" Yoshida fished in her lower back container, basically a pocket nearly, yoinked out the two Scalar grenades both in one hand, And readied them both, quickly turning the corner and tossing the pair at the trio. Before they even hit their target, she raised her LASR back to its ready position, took aim, and fired quick controlled bursts at the neck joint of the closest Docile. "Not much armor THERE huh pal?!"

In nearly any other situation, she could have been considered adorable with her short stature, swishning tail, and eager shifting stance. Here however, in this context, she looked more like a mad gunman. No remorse, no thought for the enemy's lives. She only demanded that they die for yamatai.
The Whistler
Hallway & Bridge

Yoshida certainly did fill the role of adorable horror. She was able to take down the Docile while Meissa had destroyed another. The enemies were downed one by one and soon, all that was left was to follow Taii Eden's orders and get the rocket from a Docile rigged to blow the ship to pieces.
Meissa cuts the last Docile in half, twirls her Aether Beam a few times, then pops out of combat stance.
"Now let's blow this ship to stardust and forget it ever existed. Uh...where's the missiles again?"
The Whistler

With the Dociles neutralized, Carter leapt into action, springing up and over his cover, and rocketing down the hallway. "Alright let's move, people! We've got a lot of bombs to plant and very little time!"

He quickly made his way to the forward cargo bay, and began pulling out the missiles. After he'd gotten four of them onto the cargo bay floor, he transmitted a burst of information to the rest of the squad. Yoshida, Madoka, Aoi, and Peio all received a map overlay on their respective AIES systems with certain spots along the length of the ship marked in red, and directions through the ship to pick up missiles and deliver them to their destinations. Meissa received a transmission showing all of the planned explosive emplacements, marked in yellow. As the rest of the squad arrived with their payloads, the yellow markings would turn red, indicating to Meissa that they were ready to be rigged to blow. Carter then sped back to the bridge, and began quickly looting the downed Dociles for their heavier ordinance. After finding several, he moved to plant them alongside the other makeshift bombs to act as detonators for the larger missiles without needing to take them apart and plant explosives on the warheads themselves.

With the few seconds he had left to spare, Carter pulled the incapacitated Docile out of the roof, and hauled it out of the hole in the bridge window, ready to form up with the rest of the squad and head back to the Kaiyo.
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Meissa, seeing that everyone else was hauling around missiles, did the simpler work of planting charges. In about a minute she finishes portioning out the plastic explosive, planting it, and then placing detonators in them.
"Alright. I'm done here. Only question is, are you done?"
Yoshida stepped over the first few dociles, and scanned them as she walked over, eventually stopping at one and kneeling down, relieving it of its recoiless rifle, and shouted "Here!" like she had just won a treasure hunt. She picked up the extra ammo the docile had failed to use as well, distributing the three bulb anti armor rounds to all who were within reach. "These are the things right? We're supposed to use these rockets like detonators for the big missiles, and put some plastic on these to detonate these! I think that's what it is right?" She tried to make sure she could find at least one of those triple bulb rockets for each missile to assist in detonation, having Meissa assist in arming said rockets with the plastic, and the associated detonators.

"Its like using detonators for the detonators, for the detonators!"
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"Yeah, basically. Improvised explosives are magic. Can you dig up some air tanks? Those things can blow big like the missiles as well. Pressurized gas is always a fun thing to play with. Carter, don't suppose you got duct tape."
Meissa holds her hand out to catch the time-tested, time-approved el classico duct tape.
Before heading back off to attatch the Docile rockets to the makeshift bombs, Carter stopped next to Meissa for a moment, reached back into his Mindy's butt-pack, and tossed a roll of duct tape at the demolitionist Infantrywoman before racing off to finish his part of the explosives job, remarking as he left "Wouldn't be caught without it. Now finish up! We're running out of time."
Wordlessly Meissa starts priming the improvised charges quickly, passing them off to crew members who can run around the ship much faster than her while she enters a sort of zen state, manufacturing charge after charge.
The Whistler

Madoka, Aoi, and Peio all received the map ad began moving about the ship with their charges. Finally, their work was complete and they hustled back to the bridge.

"Get out, get out, get out!" Aoi said hurriedly.

"Something you wouldn't expect to hear a Neko say!" Madoka said with a sly smile as she, too, got out of the hole in the bridge window.

YSS Kaiyō

"Prepare to pick up out away team santo hei, Ito Arnbjorg!" Teien Eden said to the pilot.

YSS Kaiyō
Med Lab

"I," the human said with emphasis, "will tell you," he paused, then continued, "nothing!"
YSS Kaiyō
Med Lab

"Ara, ara," Sakamoto softly exclaimed in pleased surprise, her tail held high with curiosity. "Such persistence. Such tenacity~~" the woman's sweet tones nearly sang, picking up one of the nearby medical devices and beginning a scan. She needed to know his condition from head to toe, and if he had anything special about his anatomy or physiology before she began - that was vital. They could not afford any tricks on his part. "And here you are, a man on a ship with almost nothing but women - I was hoping we were going to be able to have you to ourselves first before the rest of the crew took their turns, isn't that right?" Sakamoto playfully looked over to Navian.
"Woohoo! To oblivion with this flying scrapper!" Yoshida yelled out as the shot out of the bridge lick a suspiciously neko shaped, mindy suited rocket. She pumped her fist into the atmosphere-less void, letting out another elated woop, celebrating just a tad prematurely on what she wholly believed to be their first successful mission, the first of many. After chilling out, having been largely sticking with the group this whole while, she turned to watch the fireworks, expecting a real show when they finally went off. "HAH that was all so great, really loved that whole death from above thing with the pirate in the hallway, and the breach and clear of the bridge."
Carter let out a deep sigh as he departed from the Whistler, letting himself relax for a few seconds after the squad got out of the blast radius of the doomed vessel. He closed his eyes for a moment, thinking to himself. "That went pretty well... No casualties, at least. Debriefing is going to be... Interesting."

He adjusted his grip on the incapacitated Docile, and pulled ahead, not wanting to risk the prisoner getting impaled by any debris from the incoming explosion. "On our way back with another prisoner, Taii. Credit goes to Mitsuko for the easy capture."
Meissa flies out of the hole in the bridge of the Caravan, detonator in hand. She flicks the plexiglass covering the detonator button open.
"All clear?"
Space Outside of The Whistler

Madoka offered a hand to those coming out of the bridge, not that any of them particularly needed it, and waited until everyone was indeed out before replying, "Yep! We're all clear over here!" She peeked into the plastic-laden bridge and added, "None of ours are left inside!"

With that, the away team pushed themselves away from The Whistler and got a safe distance away from the Caravan to let Meissa work her magic. Madoka, Aoi, and Peio all looked to Meissa, each of them with a different expression on their faces. Peio had an overly concerned look to her while Aoi had raised her eyebrows and looked like she had all the confidence in the galaxy in Meissa and Madoka looked ready to crack a joke about the whole thing.

The Kaiyō
Med Lab

"You're sick. You and your whole Empire should rot and that's the truth! You want to know why we attacked you? Is that it, huh? Because every Neko should die. We thought we could win, too. Because we didn't, we may not be the victors, but it still doesn't stop us from being the good guys! Against Yamatai, everyone is a good guy! Compared to you, even us pirates aren't so bad!"
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