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RP: YSS Kaiyō [YSS Kaiyō] Ichi

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The Whistler

Yoshida would be the closest to the door as it opened to show a horrid sight for the away team. The air was sucked out of the hallway to the bridge and a Docile suit stood in the doorway, aiming to cut down Yoshida. Behind it a staggering number of other Dociles stood, waiting and ready to storm the bridge and rid the ship of its infestation.
The Whistler

"Woah we've got visitors to greet!" Yoshida yelped out as she spotted what she perceived to be a sudden infestation of dirtbags in power armor. Unless she were to abbandond the bridge all together, it wasn't likely she would beable to dodge anything, to her the only option was to once again, switch her projector to the blade mode, and cross that oh so short distance between herself and the door. Rather than go straight for the armor she instead chose to take cover, flattening her back against the wall, and prepared to cut down any one stupid enough to try and walk past the door frame. "Slag the hall please!" her sheilds did not escaped unscathed of course, knocked down a few notches even in that short a time, point blank full auto heavy guns will do that to you.
YSS Kaiyo
Medical Laboratory

"Teien-Taii? This is Sakamoto-Heisho, making a status report," the SAINT agent cued the bridge. "I'm currently with the prisoner and am standing by for interrogation once the subject awakens. Also, if you can, please ask the others to grab things such as navigational data, audio logs and the like when things are secure," the woman continued, a volumetric image of her appearing on the bridge. Just as she was before, Sakamoto leisurely sat upon Eden's console. "There's only one of me, after all."

"Let me know if there's anything you need however," she added with a smile.
The Whistler

Carter literally jumped when the hallway door slid open, lifting several inches off of the ground and exclaiming. "GAH!" On instinct, his right hand flew down to his hip, and he drew his SiZi 38 Revolver in one fluid, practiced motion. He snapped off one Heavy Plasma Round, aimed at the leading Docile's chest, then slid into cover behind one of the larger bridge consoles, dropping to the ground to minimize his profile in the onslaught of HMG fire while simultaneously using his Mindy's CFS propulsion to move him from a standstill directly to cover.

Once in cover, Carter holstered his revolver, and drew his LASR from its shoulder mount. He took a deep breath, then raised himself over the edge of his cover, firing his LASR at the center of the doorway as fast as he could in a blistering display of precisely aimed suppression fire. After giving his Gauss cannon a moment to deploy, he unleashed a devastating six-shot burst aimed at the center of the doorway. Whilst firing, he quickly shouted out to his squadmates. "Don't let them through that bottleneck!"

Almost as an afterthought, Carter activated his photonics array, throwing up a shield in front of his makeshift cover. He didn't want to risk the HMG fire penetrating the console and either damaging his armor or destroying any more potentially useful information than necessary.
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The Whistler

Between Meissa and Carter, the first Docile's shields went down halfway in the first three seconds of combat. It plunged on ahead and into the full bridge, only to be sliced immediately by Yoshida's blade. It fell and the next Docile was not so unfortunate as it powered through the door frame and turned to face Yoshida, looking down on her with its glaring mono eye.

YSS Kaiyō
Med Lab

The hairy chested prisoner woke up after being given the stimulant very quickly, disoriented for all but a minute before realizing his circumstances. He spit at the door and the viscous liquid dripped down it, making a nearly imperceptible puddle of lightly yellowed liquid on the floor.

"I won't tell you disgusting Yam trash anything!" the human yelled out, his voice resounding off of the med lab's walls.

YSS Kaiyō

"Ease up on their engines, santo hei Shan. The bridge is taken and they aren't going anywhere near us, now. I want you to target any escape pods leaving the ship and destroy on sight. Mochi, what can you tell me about the explosives santo hei Meissa Nashira is using right now and their interaction with the missiles they will likely be getting into after their firefight with the dociles? Saki, how do you see their interaction with the Dociles going? They're not outmatched, yet, but they can lose this fight if they aren't able to get past the bridge in a timely manner. We don't know how many power armor are on that ship."

Seeing that things were indeed not secure on The Whistler's bridge, Teien Eden sent a quick message to the away team while she spoke to those on the bridge of the Kaiyō.

From: Taii Teien Eden (Captain, YSS Kaiyō)
To: Joto Heisho Murakami Mitsuko, Santo Hei Carter Ytaru Dynamis, Santo Hei Yoshida Kokoro, Santo Hei Navian, Santo Hei Meissa Nashira, Santo Hei Reina Madoka, Santo Hei Muyomi Peio, Santo Hei Leeta Aoi, Santo Hei Yamamoto Airi


Hello again away team,

I would like to congratulate you on making such easy work of the first pirate ship. 

Now it is time to get through the pirates you now face in order to conquer their prize, the stolen Whistler. We must disable the weapons on board, and that means disabling the power armor you now face to get to them. We are not stopping on our path to Kuvexian space for something so insignificant, so easy to face!

My orders are, thus, to destroy all traces of the enemy, and fast!

Best wishes,
Taii Teien Eden (Captain, YSS Kaiyō)
"Objectives clear, commander! Amping up that firepower!"
Meissa does a smooth, well-practiced combat roll forwards towards the Dociles, one arm sliding the Star Army Rifle back into the slot it came from as she smoothly pulls back out the Aether Beam. It hums as she engages the beam and swings it down into position, cutting straight down, perfectly through the door.
And, you know, probably through that one poor fellow in the Docile. That mook didn't sign up for this when he woke up today.
The Whistler

Stumbling backwards, the Docile had to regain its footing as it pushed forward with its thrusters. The mook had almost lost his self worth as well as his stance when Meissa got him with her aether beam. The Docile behind him grabbed him, stepped forward, pulled him to the side, and shot at Meissa directly, hitting her helmet and reducing its shields. The Docile then swung its comrade behind him and marched to take its place on the bridge, unaware of Yoshida and fully cognizant of all the other Yamataian soldiers. It aimed at Meissa again, though, pushing its HMG up to her helmet so close it nearly touched it.
The Whistler

"Understood ma'am!" Yoshida squeaked out of her mouth even as she was faced off with stared her down ready to at least try and fill her with bullets, though she trusted her comrades and didn't act right away, letting Meissa dispatch the one who turned its back to the rest of the bridge crew to face her, almost grinning at the stupid bravery. With all the aether useage going on she was glad there wasn't an atmosphere around to transfer all this excess heat to.

Taking a breath, she steeled herself as the next one walked out, HMG blazing, and swung her aether blade first to the gun to turn it into a useless slagged heap, and then a second controlled stab at the docile's head with her other hand, both wrists emitting yamatai's burning aether. Smashing through sheilds, melting metal, and charring flesh, these were not swords you wanted ever touching you. "You allright there Meissa?!" There was an excited, manic tone to that generally cheery, clear voice. One could almost feel the almost innocent bloodlust, a disturbing feeling to be sure.
Carter continued firing with his LASR, aiming to put as much damage onto the invading Dociles as possible. Seeing the first one fall, he gives a silent cheer. His excitement was cut short, however, by the entrance of the second Docile. He was lining up a Gauss cannon shot to deal with the second adversary when Meissa's swift action with her Aether Beam cut him short. Taking into account his squadmate's new position, he watched for an opening to blast the next Docile unfortunate enough to step through the bridge door.

Carter almost laughed when the message from the Taii flashed onto his AIES, but managed to stifle the stress-induced giggling fit into a small "pfffffffft" before responding to the far-too-optimistic-for-someone-in-a-firefight message. "Working on it, Eden-Taii."

The third Docile received a nasty three-round Gauss cannon burst to it's chest when it stepped in the doorway, Carter's efforts to line up a clean shot ahead of time rapidly paying dividends.
The sound of a neck popping can be heard over comms.
"Oh, Yoshida. Party's just getting started."
She offhands her SiZi revolver and converts her Aether Beam into the sword mode. She dives, out of the way of potential incoming fire, both using her suit's thruster mechanisms to quickly move, as well as augmenting her movement with a quick SiZi snap. The air hums with active Aether as she swings at the legs of the Docile who lived, and quickly at the head as she corkscrews upwards into the air, firing another SiZi over his shoulder at the next Docile in line.
The Whistler

Having seen their brethren be felled, the Dociles behind those that had taken hits looked to one another and began backing away, down the hallway of the bridge.

Santo hei Madoka shouted, "Not so fast!" Then, more to her team, said, "Watch out, coming past!" She had been charging her teleportation unit and when she had gotten to the doorway, made good use of her Ke-M6-W3000, readying it and pointing it at the group of Dociles.

"They may have a trick up their sleeve!" Leeta Aoi telepathically relayed to the other santo hei.

"I'll make sure they don't have any sleeves at all!" Madoka replied back just as she clutched the trigger and pushed out the 50 mm bazooka round.

Muyomi Peio closed her eyes as Madoka did so, unable to see the chaos that ensued. The Dociles had lost a good amount of shielding, down below half of what it should be, if even that. Those in the front had lost most of theirs and were scrambling to fire off shot after shot. Madoka took the hits as she thrusted away, then found cover. She shot out her mini missile launcher pods at the group and Leeta Aoi moved more into the bridge, then shot out her forearm pulse cannon from her new position behind Madoka. Several Dociles fell, but four more remained.
Yoshida looked away as the round was fired off, having been previously admiring Meissa's sweet moves and commiting them to memory, but not wanting to deal with any shrapnel that may or may not be shunted her way, while she was confident her sheilds would protect her from any incoming, it would have still been quite the scare to see something like that pinging against the shielding centimeters form your face plate. As the explosion cleared, and she was sure she wouldn't get nailed by her comrades by just being too close to the door, she released three more NSBs, now only having seven left, and used them to peek around the corner and aim as she took her laser back in her hand, and deactivated the aether blades, squeezing the trigger and unloading what was left of her one hundred rounds of AP ammo in the magazine. "They'll be feeling that one haha!"
The Whistler

"Four left! Keep it up!" Carter said, even as he lined up a Gauss cannon shot on the surviving power armor that was the closest to the door. He fired once, then a second time, both shots aimed at the Docile's upper chest in an effort to knock him off of his aim if the huge Gauss rounds didn't kill him outright. He followed this up with two rapid shots to the head with his LASR.

In the midst of the adrenaline rush following a distinct turn in the momentum of the battle, Carter had a realization. He quickly relayed this thought to the rest of the squad. "See if you can leave the last one alive. We may be able to nab ourselves another prisoner." As he said this, he sent out a small message highlighting the target area, with instructions to use their forearm projector's scalar field to stun the pilot, as Navian had earlier during the fight on board the first Caravan
YSS Kaiyo, Med Lab

"Thanks for the information. Would you tell us what you won't tell us?" Navian walked into the med lab, now, bringing her wings inside one at a time, after being delayed by the time it took to store her Mindy back on the racks. She was wearing her working uniform today, which was the less practical skirted version, not that she needed knee pads much for her role.

She stopped to lean one-handed against the prisoner's cell, and give him the sort of look Elysians were famous for, the one that seemed to see through to a man's soul regardless of any thickness of chest hair. "I could tell you what we already know, if that would help you understand the situation you're in."

Interrogating the prisoner wasn't a duty that she had been assigned, but then, she hadn't been assigned another one, either. It seemed vastly preferable to trying to find out where else she might fit in. Besides, she'd brought the man all this way; it felt good to know what sort of life she'd unintentionally saved.
As the crew pushed the pirates away from the Bridge, dropping the Dociles one by one, a glowing line began to appear on the ceiling of the corridor. It widened as a glowing aether blade protruded downwards momentarily, before disappearing. A few moments later, an armored hand jutted through the opening instead. It latched onto the helmet of the rearmost armor, pulling upwards with incredible strength to jerk the pirate off his feet. The crew were treated to the sight of a Docile with its head wedged up through the ceiling, arms and legs flailing wildly.

Above The Whistler

Mitsuko tugged harder, with both hands, to ensure the helmet was wedged firmly in place. After a moment, she stepped back, letting Airi blast the trapped pirate directly in the face with that scalar pulse. The Logistics Neko sighed in relief, as the rest of the crew watched that body go limp, weapons clattering to the floor behind the other pirates they were busy finishing off.
YSS Kaiyo
Med Lab

'Teien-Taii, the prisoner is now awake - how quickly do you want information? If you're in a rush, just let me know, otherwise, I'll take things slow and easy,' the Jiyuuian woman spoke to Eden's mind.

"Ara-ara, I know you've had your eye on him, but don't be so forward~" she teased Navian. "Men like to do a bit of chasing after all," Sakamoto mischievously added. The playful tone, the implying that she did, it all undermined the seriousness, the gravity of the situation. If she was to get what she wanted out of the man, she needed to work him just right, though there were many different ways to work him. "Though, I'm worried he might be a bit hurt? He can't be with you if that's the case, let alone me too!" Looking at him now, she asked the man, "Are you hurt? Hmm?" the woman kindly asked. The truth was, there was no telling what would break him the fastest. Some would only lock down harder the more violence was used, while melting with just a bit of humanity. Others were the exact opposite and rolled over at the first threat.

She'd take it nice first, and if in a hurry? Well, 'enhanced interrogation techniques' were for the desperate, and it was going to be up to the Taii to decide if she was.
"Well, that sorts that. Still want this ship blown up?"
Meissa does a flourish of her Aether Beam as she packs it back up. A very risky flourish that probably could cut someone's arm off. Oh well.
"Taii Eden," the vertically challenged Elysian used her speak-hole for the first time in minutes again, as if she has some reason to not speak when information is most helpful. "Noted. Their shields are nearly nonexistent and none of them can change velocity reasonably. Would you prefer complete destruction, scuttling, or simply disabling the ships?"
Odd, how she says that without any wavering, even as the various point-defense turrets target and tear to shreds the would-be-free pirate's escape pods with mechanical efficiency.
YSS Kaiyō

Mochi glanced up from his position before the sensor console to Eden as she issued her commands, nodding as the Taii addressed him. In the coming few minutes as the firefight waged onboard the nearby craft, the Juni scanned through the specifications of Type-31 explosive charges. Every now and again he would tilt his head to one side, eyes darting as the calculations sped through his head. Eventually, it seemed something would click and with a swipe of his hand he would bring up the armaments of the enemy Dociles. While scanning through the list of weapons, the Doctor also called up what video footage they had of the explosives stashed on the enemy ships. Leaning forward, he traced one item on the screen - SFR-01 Rocket Type PM-1B.

"So.. the missiles won't be armed while stored in the bays. Like we saw last time, an explosion strong enough to penetrate the metal casing and detonate the charge inside has to occur.." At this point Mochi tilts his head to one side, thinking how to phrase the next part. "Nashira will easily have to use a whole block of explosives to start the chain reaction: this won't leave any for the remaining ship. The reason we succeeded with so litle last time was that missile was probably already armed in the tube."

Glancing at the items he had pulled up on the screen behind him, Mochi continued "However they can use one of the rockets from those Dociles, specifically the ones that looks like they're made of three 'bubbles'. One of those should have enough kick by itself to start the show and only a small amount of plastic will be needed to set that off."

"That being said.. They could use the Docile rockets to destroy the Bridge and leave it drifting in space for us to deal with after the last ship."
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