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Commission: Teien and Taiyou Sketch Chibi Commissions for ♡ ° ° ° ° ° Art: ©Zumi-V Character: ©Ametheliana Program(s): Paint Tool Sai 2 & Photoshop COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! Chibi Commissions [OPEN] ORDER FORM: PAYMENT METHOD: (Paypal or Points) PAYPAL E-MAIL: (if you are using Paypal) TYPE OF ORDER: (chibi colored sketch, chibi style shade, sketch chibi ref. sheet etc..) CHARACTER NAME & TRAITS: REFERENCES: [put links and thumbnails here] EXTRA INFO: (Anything you think is useful for me to know i.e. pose, facial expression, eye colors- anything) COMMERCIAL USE?: (Yes or No. If yes, the price will double) IF CHARACTER DESIGN, INCLUDE: Colors you'd like me to use: Image References: [they can be Pinterest or Google...
Commission: Sleek Samurai Colored Sketch Commission for ♡ ˆ-ˆ ° ° ° ° ° Art: ©Zumi-V Character: ©Ametheliana Program(s): Paint Tool Sai & Photoshop COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! Chibi Commissions [OPEN] How to Order: PAYMENT METHOD: (Paypal or Points) PAYPAL E-MAIL: (if you are using Paypal) TYPE OF ORDER: (chibi colored sketch, chibi style shade, sketch chibi ref. sheet etc..) CHARACTER NAME & TRAITS: REFERENCES: [put links and thumbnails here] EXTRA INFO:(Anything you think is useful for me to know i.e. pose, facial expression, eye colors- anything) COMMERCIAL USE?: (Yes or No. If yes, the price will double) IF CUSTOM CHARACTER, INCLUDE: Colors you'd like me to use: What kind of clothes are they wearing: Image...
This is the new commissions thread for long-time SARP artist Zairyo. His artwork looks like this: Here's the info needed to sign up: Character Name: Character wiki page URL: Character wiki page up-to-date? (Y/N): Uniform/Clothing Reference URL: Notes: (Pose, expression, props, etc) Who is paying, you or Star Army? If Star Army is paying, add and answer the following: Have you donated to Star Army? (Y/N): Does your character have existing art? (Y/N): How long has this character been actively played?: (X Years/X Months) Plot Character Is In: Plot's Most Recent Plot Audit Grade: Note: excessive detail may increase the price.
[CM] Aiko Commission for My commission information >> fav.me/da9duv3 << View [CM] Aiko on DeviantArt
[C] Sassa Hall Commission for :iocnxImmortalxPrincess: Thank you very much for commissioning me and I hope you like it The colours were a bit tricky to work with, but I really like how it turned out <3 I haven't drawn pigtails in forever and it's nice to go back to them uvu View [C] Sassa Hall on DeviantArt
This thread will be dedicated to my art work as it relates to Star Army. I will take requests as they come and do the ones that I believe I can pull off; I'm sure there will be certain things I run into that I'm unable to complete but if I can do it, I will.
Alrighty guys; it's been a while since I've managed to bring myself to complete the wiki articles relating to the 3D models and other artwork I've made. It seems I have a tendency to enjoy the process of making the artwork related to a particular project, but when it comes to writing up the needed wiki info afterward I kinda lose motivation and let things drag on far, far too long, then let myself get distracted by something else. :oops: As such I'm going to try something a little different. :D From now on I'm mostly going to concentrate on making just an artwork contribution to the setting -- which is the bit I apparently enjoy the most. Whether or not anything gets done with that art is going to be mostly up to you guys now :p. I'm...
[ COMMISSION ] Star Army - Kai Sagara full body commission for character belongs to commissioner, art by me. View [ COMMISSION ] Star Army - Kai Sagara on DeviantArt
My new character Arya Corvinus; I created her in a 3D modeling program I use.
[COMMISSION] Star Army - Kurita commissioner: art by me View [COMMISSION] Star Army - Kurita on DeviantArt
Commission to Wes-of-StarArmy Wow, i really love how this one turned out! She's part of Star Army Doing some sports xD Character (c) Art (c) View Commission to Wes-of-StarArmy on DeviantArt
Commission - xImmortalxPrincess A commission done for Thank you for commissioning me! It was a lot of fun to draw Hayami ^^ High quality download on the right! View Commission - xImmortalxPrincess on DeviantArt
[OC] Hoshi Pixel gif My OC! Done on stream! View [OC] Hoshi Pixel gif on DeviantArt
[ CM ] Aiko Fullbody commission for Hope you like ittt ---------------------------------------------------------------------- @ Aiko belongs to @ Art by me View [ CM ] Aiko on DeviantArt
[COMMISSION] Sarah Pine - Star Army commission for character belongs to commissioner / art by me View [COMMISSION] Sarah Pine - Star Army on DeviantArt
[COMMISSION] Mark Tazar - Star Army Commission for Character belongs to commissioner Art by me View [COMMISSION] Mark Tazar - Star Army on DeviantArt
Weapon commission 105 A custom weapon commission for Ametheliana Thank you for commissioning me Interested in getting your own custom character ? You can find out more here. OTHER ADOPTS. MY INSTAGRAM MY FACEBOOK View Weapon commission 105 on DeviantArt
Custom adopt #8 For Ametheliana Character belongs to her, art by me. View Custom adopt #8 on DeviantArt
Commission for VorpusRexi this was a commission from the lovely VorpusRexi a while ago! thank you so much for commissioning me!! im open for many types of commissions, MORE INFO HERE: fav.me/d7yrmr3 also open for POKÉMON TEAM commissions: fav.me/dafc6i6 View Commission for VorpusRexi on DeviantArt
[ COMMISSION ] Mikael Harris A commission of original star army character for ! Character belongs to commissioner / art by me. View [ COMMISSION ] Mikael Harris on DeviantArt
Etsuko This was a quick NPC portrait notion that ran away with me and I spent most of my day on and off working on it. >> This character was generated for short term use in a plot to explore a concept that I had in mind but I further developed her so she might be around for a while. This was Ilona while she was still a Nekovalkyrja. NPC for the Song of Whitemeadow plot on Star Army.com. And before any one points it out, yes, she is missing a finger on purpose. Star Army Patches and devices are by Wes-of-StarArmy . Moe base by the lovely Nukababe View Etsuko on DeviantArt
Commission for Star Army You can find my commission info here: fav.me/dc0pygh I watched so many Star Trek music videos while drawing this. Just. So many. I really enjoyed reading the Star Army lore! It was pretty intimidating, but so interesting~ I hope to revisit it again wink wink The commission is done for Wes-of-StarArmy Art is by angrygrizley View Commission for Star Army on DeviantArt
CM COMISSIONS [OPEN] art by me View CM on DeviantArt
Your oc on my base #2 For Ametheliana Character belongs to her, art by me. View Your oc on my base #2 on DeviantArt
Edited to be INDEXED, because it'll need to be soon! Setareh Wing Leaving Maekarden (Full Album) (WIP) 1:1 Prelude (White Stars) (Complete!) 1:2 First Move (Metal on Metal) (Complete!) General project list: Setareh Wing album, Elysian music, ???, profit!
Maki Ai aka Cherish Maki "Cherish" Ai , The former idol catgirl mechanic turned secretary in the Song of Whitemeadow plot on Star Army.com. Another adorable chibi base by the ever talented Nukababe . View Maki Ai aka Cherish on DeviantArt
[C] Moe-chan cause her full name's Moesashi Yama ouo Dramatic commission for Thank you for being patient with me and I hope you like it ! I find it kinda odd that I've done so many star army commissions, even tho I'm not into space stuff at all haha Not that I'm complaining, the characters are adorable, their uniforms are really really nice and the people behind them are always so nice! also reading the wiki pages for the charas and uniforms is super fun owo But the only space-related thing I've ever been really really interested in is this one fake documentary about an alternative earth or something that I watched when I was little. It said that there were flying wales and when a tree was outgrown and the sun could no longer reach...
Neera Pine This was my first time using one of Cozy Cat Studio's bases. This is the Halycon base. BUT once again, this is a character on Star Army.com! Character is 's Neera Pine View Neera Pine on DeviantArt
Mizuki Another one of Acewing's characters on Star Army.com! Her skintone was a challenge. I also should have finished this last month. >> Oh well. This is one of Nukababe 's Moe bases. View Mizuki on DeviantArt
Commission for Ametheliana #4 16/n this was a commission from the lovely Ametheliana some weeks ago! thank you so much for commissioning me, i hope you will like it!! im open for many types of commissions, MORE INFO HERE: fav.me/d7yrmr3 also open for POKÉMON TEAM commissions: fav.me/dafc6i6 View Commission for Ametheliana #4 16/n on DeviantArt
comm24 another commission for ! thanks agaaain!! View comm24 on DeviantArt
So about a year ago I did a 3D render of the SiZi revolver. Recently I was bored, so I decided to do another 3D render of a SARP weapon: The SLAM. I used to drawing on the wiki for reference, and managed to crank this out after many hours of inefficient distracted work. Side view Back Now, I had a silly idea and I went with it and I regret nothing. All in all, I had a blast doing this and it gave me a chance to test out multiple features I hadn't used before, such as decals and freeform parts. I didn't know who designed the launcher at first, but the article was authored by @Wes, so... Merry Early Christmas!
So, there are a couple of things I want to accomplish with this civilian-grade 750 meter battleship. First and foremost, I want this to resemble(to a reasonable degree) the battleships of WWII. I think I've done that but I'm still open to ideas. Second, I want it to have that broadsider, punching bag feel. Sooo, I'm looking for ideas on how I can make this ship a shield monster. I'm considering making those 'torpedo' things shield boosters/extenders that can be launched and flown from the bridge. This ship is going to primarily see use against raiders preying on cargo ships so it would be nice to be able to send them away to protect a damaged ship. Third, NO AETHER WEAPONRY. These guns need a hefty BANG. I'm looking into several types...
Had some fun combining some existing ship art for the Ersetu into a little scene :) "Here we have the first rate line of battleship HMS Empress, accompanied by the third rate ship of the line HMS Revenge and HM schooner Spitfire in orbit above a world in the Dominion of Ersetu space, some time early in the year 1800 (YE 35)"
I've been singing since I was like, 8. So I sing a lot. So much. It's absurd how much I sing, pisses muttface mcderp off so much. So very much. So I decided to do a weird project, now that I have my condenser mic up and operational. Thought? What if I sang a song, and I backed myself up 9 times? So, I recorded myself singing Fields of Gold by Sting, 10 times, picked my favourite, made that track a stereo track, screwed around with the pan of the other tracks to make it as if the "Backups" are all around me. These vocals are RAW. I did nothing to them other than a noise reduction to get a bit of the buzz I get from the two computers I sit next too, as well as pop and click reduction on the main track so that you guys don't hear that...
So I recall a lot of comments being that the Vekimen don't have the greatest art. So, a friend of mine did up some pictures for me. WILD VEKIMEN ATTACK! I told said friend about SARP, but he asked me not to publicize because he would not have time to do art for the site as a whole. Barely has enough time for the other comissions I got from him. Don't wanna take the chance people will go to him a lot ^.^; All in all, I think they get the point across. The Vekimen aren't Nice.
Character: https://stararmy.com/wiki/doku.php?id=character:creature Artist: Nicoy Guevarra https://nicoyguevarra.deviantart.com/ Special Thanks to: @Kim for sending me to her!
Let it be known that this is not a discussion per say though if you contact me privately I would be happy to collaborate with you. This is a personal exercise to both test my ability to hammer out pseudo-scientific rhetoric used in both common and uncommon fictional works and/or commonly accepted role-play across every venue I've been exposed to over the past thirty years online and offline. This focusing and linking of these ideas will then be supported with true scientific theory. I've just recently become a member of Star Army. I'm not here to upset any balance. This is not an attempt to impose any structure on pre-existing concepts. This is simply an exercise and a testing of my own knowledge or ability to do research. It is...
A really cool artist does requests :O everyone should check their stream out and make requests sometime! https://www.twitch.tv/nineure
So this isn't the first time I've had this idea, I've just never put it into practice, so that's what I'm going to be doing now. Since I've been in high school I have had experience with 3D modeling programs, blender, SolidWorks, and Archie CAD. So naturally when I found DOGA through SARP I picked it up pretty easily. There are so many things I've designed but I simply don't have the time needed to write up the wiki pages. What I need is time. I have also begun working with the free Make Human program. Anyone can download this program and begin learning how to use it. I am no expert in human anatomy, but it is my personal opinion that this program has some potential for making character art. I am also convinced that it is a program...
The ZARC-T39 'ZARCNAM' A currently in-progress update to one of Star Army's older and more popular mercenary/independent weapons. The model/artwork itself is done, being based along the original linework. A few modifications make it standout from the original, however, such as an integrated underbarrel plasma flamethrower/gun and magazine feeds/slides being changed from its original AK-inspiration to an AR-15. It's a filthy union of Soviet and American weapons within the sci-fi setting... so it sure as hell gets style points. There's hard-stocks, the ability to knock it off, a 10-shot magazine (for more carbine/rifle firing than SMG), a plasma enhancing compensator to enhance its lower barrel, a plasma storing grip-mount (allowing the...
I rarely draw, as I don't think I am good enough at it to keep doing it. Well, I also didn't used to have time to but I kinda do now but not enough drive. So here I am going post my occasional drawing here and see if I ever improve through time. "Mei-san, Where is Mommy?" (8/6/17) Context Here
@Gunhand4171 The zip file with the images and the doga-stuff for the ship is included here. I only used standard parts so it should be compatible with everything. More images here: http://imgur.com/a/0m1gv
Heyo guys =3=/ some of you may have noticed a new SARP-made mutt popped up under the Abwehran. Meet the Maulwurfhund This is a purebred Maulwurfhund and the only one to currently appear on the wiki. There are variations with different mane stylings, bone helmets (some that wrap the head and have spikes), and some with different tail lengths... but those aren't a main priority in terms of art, as this artwork is mainly intended to get the species into the setting for those who want a large dog for their characters and/or plots! This is where you come in. Here's the lineart for the doggos =3=/ but there are some notes! Don't make a purebreed! This lineart is mainly useful in that people can make their own mutts and genetically...
So on DeviantArt I found a bunch of animal bases/templates that are freely available for use and I thought we should find some excuse to put dogs into SARP. Maybe factions could get military working dogs, or civilian characters could get pets. Anyway, here are the resources I found that looked useful to SARP. Post if you found more free resources, and show us what you made with these! http://sedillo-kennels.deviantart.com/art/Free-Siberian-Husky-Lineart-425031602 http://sedillo-kennels.deviantart.com/art/Free-Siberian-Husky-Lineart-324813205 http://atrocias.deviantart.com/art/Free-to-use-lineart-318587214 http://kayxer.deviantart.com/art/Free-Lineart-375469873 http://kayxer.deviantart.com/art/Freebie-Lineart-375469111...
I make these ship patches here and there and like how they turn out in the end! I'm more than willing to do some for others. As the title says, just ask and I can chat with you about what you want. Oh, and I definitely will do it "off the books" (for free)!