• 📅 November 2022 is YE 44.8 in the RP. 1 IC month = 1 OOC month for the rest of the year.

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I will post SARP-themed traditional arts I have done here. First up is @raz's beauty, Ketsurui Aiko. Note: I did a color test and realized I didn't have the Type 22's blue, so I decided to do a non-canon color combo.
Commission : Mindy Power Armor redesign of client's power armor View Commission : Mindy Power Armor on DeviantArt
As i am very much a Discord person, i don't frequent these places too often. So by Wes' recommendation i am posting this here as well now. Being a fan of the T33 NSP's design, and being the owner of a UP! 2Plus 3D printer, i set out to make a lifesize prop of the iconic SAoY sidearm! Step 1: 3D modeling. I have asked Wes before if he still had the 3D model available used in the NSP's concept render, but sadly this wasn't the case. So using the NSP's 3D art i completely modeled a new one. It took a fair bit of time, but it was worth it! Step 2: Printing. As anyone who has3D printed before can attest to, this part of the project was the most tedious. Long print times and little margin for error make it a pretty...
Commissions are OPEN! What's good friends! Setting up a thread for all your character concept and design needs. My favorite thing to do is design characters, so whether you want just a regular piece of art or something highlighting their design, I'm your huckleberry. PRICING INFO Price is per one ( 1 ) character. Additional costs for additional characters / backgrounds Payment delivered upfront and through Paypal ( Large projects like character sheets may 50/50 ) Endless revisions up until final lines All artwork will be displayed in my portfolio unless otherwise discussed NSFW, Gore, other sensitive topics are subject to +30% additional price Ask me anything! Chibi / Cartoon - $10 Portraits Sketch - $15...
hi hi It's been a little while, but I had an idea for another little vignette from the melancholy life of Komatsu Elena. This time in mini-comic format. Komatsu is a private investigator now, a step up from hard labor to be sure, but still not quite the same as piloting a starship. I'm still getting used to using Clipstudio instead of Photoshop. I'm starting to get the hang of brushes again, but getting a good variable line width continues to be difficult.
It's me, ya boi, Polyman!~ And we here for a new art thread that's hot hot hot! Remember when people made these? I liked it when people made these. Just updated my tumblr for the first time in a gazzillion years, mostly just getting all the semi-recent SARP stuff in the same place. But here is the more new stuff, anyhow; Elk 44 (Actually an Ayenee character, but yeah); Promise Greenview (188604); Olffa (NSV Furi'Ken); And just to prove that I'm not just making SARP characters 24/7, here is a 3D shmup game demo I was working on during the last year of uni; Blep. So there ya have it. Guess I kinda just posted this to reset my brain and decide what to work on next. Whilst I finish eating this scotch egg. Hope you like it.
[C]- Wes-of-StarArmy || COMMISSIONS || Here is finished! I really hope you like >u< !!! Art by: Me Commission for: You're not allowed to use this art in any way Character belongs to Wes-of-StarArmy and just them have permission to use this art! Please, don't remove my signature! View [C]- Wes-of-StarArmy on DeviantArt
[OC] Yuletide Hoshi got a little wishful to see a chrimas hoshi. 3 days late isn't too bad, right? : D anatomy's bonked but when is it not View [OC] Yuletide Hoshi on DeviantArt
Just posting some lyrics I thought of in the shower this morning. Where the shadows burn colder than ice and the brightness burns like hell And the dust smells like a burning heart If you lived long enough to tell It's an emptiness so vast and deep that its secrets never end And in this black I'm going back For the people I defend For in the darkness, in the stillness There's a trillion points of light And Kagami Galaxy's stars Keep on burning bright through night [Chorus] No I won't give up Fire every shot! I'll burn every engine Til it's redline hot! When the walls come down I'll be at your side! Because I'm built to fight I'm the Star Army of Yamatai!
Hoshi Menswear Edition Nothing like a tie and oxfords View Hoshi Menswear Edition on DeviantArt
hi hi I know it's a little bit of a faux pas here to make art without approval, but every so often I wonder what my old character might be up to. Whatever it is, it undoubtedly does not shape the galaxy, but I just had to make something. So hope you don't mind, I made a picture and some embarrassingly self-indulgent prose to go with it. Here's Komatsu Elena, after a long day of hard labor for PHI. (There's a Starchaser II coming up to dock in the background.) Siren System - A Station in the Akuma Asteroid Field The crowd in the lounge had dwindled as the first shift patrons left for the night, and second shift's end was still hours away. All that remained were a few holdouts and transient passengers waiting for a connecting...
[CM] Ametheliana 16/16 chibi commission for Ametheliana thank you sooo much for commissioning me, it is always a pleasure! im open for many types of commissions, MORE INFO HERE: fav.me/de0olcj View [CM] Ametheliana 16/16 on DeviantArt
Heitan 1b Class This is a refit of the Original Heitan-Class Created for Star Army: [link] View Heitan 1b Class on DeviantArt
Over the years, many artists have created artwork for the Star Army universe. With all the art being scattered around our wiki, sometimes it's hard to get a sense of just how many artworks we've got, and we may have missed many new artworks simply because they were for characters not in the same plots as us. So I'm making this thread where I plan to post them all. You guys are welcome to discuss them as they appear. I'm going to start with all the Star Army art I've collected on DeviantArt, and I plan to regularly post updates here.
Well, I thought I would share some of my art, I don't really do art as in pencil or paint. Though sometimes I am creative in that area and try to do so, I am very basic at that. But my passion is more in the photos and I love making them as clean as possible. They would tag it as a Candid style of pictures where I explore the pureness of the real emotions of people, rather than have them fake it. I also love doing nature images. But because of the quality, the images are too large for uploads to the forum. So here is the Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wolffactor88/
Been thinking about the old user Born-on-Board lately. Anybody else here into painting, modelling or kitbashing stuff? Also using this thread to look for alternatives to 40k. Know any good 'use anything' sci-fi tabletop wargames? Feel free to post your own stuff here! In the words of a giant floating head, "Show me what you gottt!" -PP Stuff- Just getting into Maschinen Kreiger. The sculpts are awesome even on the cheapo gatchapon figures (pictured vs MKIII Space Marine for scale). Half the price of terminators and twice the size! Attempted the Gundam Skirmish game for a while, but the community just isn't really there yet. Bandai makes *super* nice and highly posable stuff, though. The 1/144 stuff is light years ahead of the...
A Separa's various misadventures within their SAOY career. ovvo! They do like their warm places, don't they? Ft. Pancakei's Anastasia Barlow. Yikes... Ft. Jabonicus' Traumapatcher Care Seven Six ----- But yeah, i'll be making more of these little 4koma's from time to time, just for funsies. Hope y'all like it. ovvo/
A custom weapon commission 143 A custom weapon commission for Ametheliana Thank you for commissioning me Interested in getting your own custom character ? You can find out more here. OTHER ADOPTS RAFFLE - MY INSTAGRAM MY FACEBOOK View A custom weapon commission 143 on DeviantArt
CM:: mpaolino88 forgot to post a commission i have done a month ago COMMISSIONS View CM:: mpaolino88 on DeviantArt
[OC] Swim I made this with MS Paint '98! I feel so happy to paint with this program? Again??? This is what growth feels like huh I sketched the pose and used most of the original lines from that in the final product. Coloring and shading has never been easier for me and drawing this made me so happy, in the end. Not typical with digital art lol 800/10 perfect program View [OC] Swim on DeviantArt
CM:: Wes-of-StarArmy COMMISSIONS Instagram sword by Epic-Soldier View CM:: Wes-of-StarArmy on DeviantArt
[Comm] Aiko TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | Commissions: OPEN Commission for Ametheliana ♥ Thank you very much! View [Comm] Aiko on DeviantArt
[read below] CM::Wes-of-StarArmy This artwork was commissioned as a gift for Andrew, who is currently fighting cancer. You can find Andrew's gofundme at www.gofundme.com/join-andrew03… COMMISSIONS Instagram View [read below] CM::Wes-of-StarArmy on DeviantArt
CM:: Ametheliana COMMISSIONS View CM:: Ametheliana on DeviantArt
CM:: Ametheliana COMMISSIONS View CM:: Ametheliana on DeviantArt
[Gift for Wes!] Hanako This is the awesome OC of named Hanako. In some ways, she is the face of Star Army Role Play! She is most often seen in her uniform, these days, but I wanted to bring her off duty clothes into a drawing of her! I didn't really know where I was going with this or what was next, but I am happy with the outcome!! I also hope this gif works D: View [Gift for Wes!] Hanako on DeviantArt
EDIT: Requests are now closed! Over 300 chibis were made! Does your character not yet have a cute chibi illustration? Fill out and reply with this form and I'll see what I can do. NOTE: You may only request your own characters. Your character's bio needs to be fully up to date and accurate! URLs should be actual URLs. Do not use hyperlinks. Try to use standard uniforms, e.g. Duty uniforms for Star Army chars. Include URLs for any pins, ranks, or patches used if necessary. DO NOT USE FORUM CODE IN YOUR REQUEST - these are copied into text files and if you use a hyperlink instead of putting the actual URL that means extra work going back and getting the link. Character Name: Character Bio URL: Uniform/Clothing URL...
Maybe people already know about this site, but I just discovered it today. And it's pretty amazing. https://s2p.moe/app.html Upload line art. Select artist. Receive AI colored art. Read the guide and start adding 'hint' markers to get the colors right. Zooming in helps. You can even set up lighting. I was able to make some pretty interesting stuff! Our base. Gives you... And with this one: I got... Try it for yourself! I think there's even a way to upload it with color, remove the color, then see how they color it for you.
Commission for Ametheliana 1/2 chibi commission for Ametheliana ^w^ thank you for the orders! im open for many types of commissions, MORE INFO HERE: fav.me/d7yrmr3 View Commission for Ametheliana 1/2 on DeviantArt
Commission for Ametheliana 2/2 chibi commission for Ametheliana ^w^ character belongs to Pancore thank you for the orders! im open for many types of commissions, MORE INFO HERE: fav.me/d7yrmr3 View Commission for Ametheliana 2/2 on DeviantArt
[C]- Wes-of-StarArmy || COMMISSIONS || Here is finished! I really hope you like >u< !!! Art by: Me Commission for: You're not allowed to use this art in any way Character belongs to Wes-of-StarArmy and just them have permission to use this art! Please, don't remove my signature! View [C]- Wes-of-StarArmy on DeviantArt
Dovanian Power Armor a commission for 'Dragon God' creating the power armor for the Dovania Faction View Dovanian Power Armor on DeviantArt
CM:: Nanksta99 > COMMISSIONS < View CM:: Nanksta99 on DeviantArt
[com] Eden Teien Commission art for The character is their OC, Eden Teien. Thank you for commissioning me! If you are interested in commissioning me, the information is HERE. You can check out my HI-RES of my work, uncensored NSFW arts, some WIPs at my PATREON. Also I show my adoptable character first at my Patreon. Please consider supporting me if you like my style♡ View [com] Eden Teien on DeviantArt
[Com] She's Got a Gun!!! First time drawing a gun I think! It was so much fun to do this pose!! Looks like she's really jumping into action!!! Commission for the wonderful Ms. Ametheliana !! I love doing her commissions, they are so much fun // w \\! Thank you so much Ame yet again! It was a pleasure!! Instagram ll Youtube ll Twitter ·················································· Time: 1.5h Software: Paint Tool SAI Clip Studio Paint Hardware: Cintiq 13HD, Windows 10, Asus Laptop Style: Cotton Candy Semi Chibi OC (c) Ametheliana Art (c) MiruukiiART View [Com] She's Got a Gun!!! on DeviantArt
[Com] I mean business I just never submitted a fullbody without a BG so I wanted to do it x'D Anyway- gosh it seems like it's been a long time since I last submitted an illustration!!! I was working on other things, just nothing to submit unfortunately- this is the first thing I made that I actually can submit since my computer is back up! I tried to draw maybe a sexy looking pose????!!! I wanted to fit the character- so the awesome person who commissioned this xImmortalxPrincess suggested a pose so this was referenced so I could get it right Q V Q; I also figured out a pretty handy way at drawing hair so that's a video idea if you guys would like to see it! Anyway- i've just been rambling- it's 12am right now- i'm going to bed x'D...
Aeta Nanao In YE 38, Aeta Nanao was created much like other Nekovalkyrja; but her destiny was to become part of something greater and more grand than the traditional run-of-the-line soldier within Yamatai. After exceptional performance and scores, she was picked for the opportunity to join SAINT. Although she has little battle experience, being a supersoldier helps tremendously to ensure Aeta is prepared for her role in the field alongside others. Albeit serving as a scout - and in effect the team's marksman - YE 40 and beyond will become a testament to her battle experience with the hope that she can provide a service to her nation. ---- A simple bust/headshot I threw together using some new tricks. I think this might actually be my...
CM:: Nanksta99 > COMMISSIONS < View CM:: Nanksta99 on DeviantArt
CM:: Di0n-Z3romus COMMISSIONS [OPEN] COMMISSIONS [OPEN] View CM:: Di0n-Z3romus on DeviantArt
CM:: Mpaolino88 COMMISSIONS [OPEN] COMMISSIONS [OPEN] View CM:: Mpaolino88 on DeviantArt
CM:: Nanksta99 COMMISSIONS [OPEN] COMMISSIONS [OPEN] View CM:: Nanksta99 on DeviantArt
So I got bored and made a 3D render of a flamethrower (and flamethrower accessories) for use in the Star Army. It started being bases on this model, but I am wondering if it should be used on the page or if it would be better to make it a whole new model of flamethrower. There isn't much reason too, but the old page is small and lacking in modern formatting.
Survivor Originally just going to be quick sketch for Anastasia with shorter hair, I saw the opportunity to cross it with an earlier idea I had of drawing the Mindy armor (again), but with heavy damage and charring and such. I wanted to draw it in such a way that it didn't depict a suit in a state of failure, but rather a suit that had achieved its ultimate design goal- to protect the user from ungodly amounts of harm. Basically, the aftermath of this escapade. Ultimately, all the pieces fell into place pretty well I believe. Ana has honestly gone on to become both the most badass, and all around most well-developed of all the SARP characters I've created. Tl;dr: Anastasia is a badass and so is this suit. I did some experimental...
Ken-TEC Construct Powered Suit Another product from Ken-TEC, another day :V The Construct is a suit built to help the working man and woman; powered armor without all the armor. A suit built from the ground up to match the sheer strength of light and medium battle-grade Power Armors, the Construct's focus is on environmental protection and utilizes traditionally lighter alloy weighting to allow plenty of motion. The first true step toward using Volumetrics in open testing, the Construct's pilot can emit a large hardlight visor shield and black out their visor for the use of a side-deployed sensory and lighting suite. Traditional hazards such as high electric discharges and radiation - something a combat suit might neglect - are almost...
SAGSOT sounds like some kind of eldrith monster (Sagg'Sot)! Anyway, this is for those who might be interested in seeing some of the art I draw! Since I like drawing bugs so much, I thought Furaffinity would be a good choice (plus I have friends there): http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/waspgirl/ My only mistake was forgetting that the only art Furries tend to like is inflation fetish porn. Oh, well! If you take a look, you can probably get a good idea of my more common themes from my artwork involving Lissie, the little wasp. She's a cute, cartoon character floundering in a desolate, decrepit world of financial and environmental collapse, where all other species of insect have died off, leaving her as the sole remaining bug on the...
Commission for Arbitrated chibi commission by my dear Arbitrated i did a while ago! thank you so much for commissioning me!! im open for many types of commissions, MORE INFO HERE: fav.me/d7yrmr3 also open for POKÉMON TEAM commissions: fav.me/dafc6i6 View Commission for Arbitrated on DeviantArt
Weapon commission 113 A custom weapon commission for Ametheliana Thank you for commissioning me Interested in getting your own custom character ? You can find out more here. OTHER ADOPTS. MY INSTAGRAM MY FACEBOOK View Weapon commission 113 on DeviantArt
CM:: Ametheliana COMISSIONS [OPEN] COMISSIONS [OPEN] art by me View CM:: Ametheliana on DeviantArt
[C] Space sheriffs Commission for :iconAmetheliana: Thank you so much for being patient with me and I hope you like it <3 Coming up with good poses wasn't easy, but I really like the result I actually drew the pose without taking into account the cowboy hats so I had to make a few small adjustments but it turned out fine in the end owo/ I hate to use commissions for personal updates, but because I probably won't be able to draw much in the next week or so, I'm going to make explain a little here, I hope you don't mind Ame ;;; I've graduated highschool yey But it's not over completely - I've been so inactive because of my ball, diploma and exams, and there's one final exam I have to push trough. It's not a subject I'm very good at, so...