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So as many of you fine writers may know the M2-4 has a nice illustration, but the image doesn't portray very much room for a man. I thought it would be really cool to see Yamataian PA's in both male and female variants. So, I have contacted the original artist for a quote. $120 for the front view plus $90 to add rear view for a grand total of $210. I do not have $210 to invest in art but I could part with 10 or 20 and still pay the bills. So I would like to gauge interest and count pledges. If 20 members, plus myself, give $10 to this project it'll happen. I would ask @Wes to handle the financial aspect of this to ensure that it is handled correctly.
AALA DASH got some art done thanks to all of your upvotes on reddit!! Ty guys so much!! Legix set up something or other (I don't understand reddit!) and all of you made sure the thread didn't get buried and IT WORKED!!
@Primitive Polygon mentioned an interest in me talking about my various game projects, which is something I haven't actually gotten around to showing here. Here is an archive containing three of my most complete game projects: Aghretta (My very first, and so far only complete game) - It is worth noting that this game has a level that is possibly dangerous to those with photosensitive epilepsy Aghretta 2 (the prototype for a sequel of sorts) I Don't Care (the nickname I have for my RPG Maker game I'm currently working on) I've also got a .rar archive for my Sins of a Solar Empire sound mod, where I replace most of the weapon and ability sound effects with my voice. @Gunhand4171 was interested in it. Just put the 'Sound' folder into...
I had some art done for @Ametheliana of Aashi Nath Werner and Ulysses S Werner on their wedding day. ^-^
I hope @Wes likes these! Done by Tutti!
I have big plans for NSS Inquiry and this is one of them... A moonlit battle between a Raider and Elefirn PA!! It was done by this guy, Ark3nd! He has never done commissions before now, but is happy to continue doing work for SARP!
I suck at DoGA =D! I am aware of this. Nothing I have made in the past has been complicated, but I sat down tonight and took a nice long look at the parts to see what I could do. Each post will be a ship and a description of what I have in mind for it. Seems simple enough? I'll probably throw in how many parts I used to make the things.
As the title says. I recently discovered that I have some smidge of drawing abilities. I'm better at photoshop, so I'll be drawing outlines on paper, and coloring in photoshop. I shall put up what I make here. First one today. Not finished obviously. Inspired by Solid Snake and the Swedish Army's equipment. I'll color it in photoshop. One day I'd also love to learn shading.
I've invited an artist from DeviantArt, TeaForWolf, to come and do some chibis for us. We're looking for a new chibi artist and Tea needs rent money so let's make this happen. Here's what his chibis look like: I think these will work for us. So, to request a chibi, fill out the following form: Character name: Character wiki page URL: Clothing references: Notes: It's a $5 chibi, so don't make it overly complicated. All chibis will be paid for by Star Army but if you want to cover the cost, just donate to the site.
So most recent project was to start drawing Ersetu coins, which lead me to needing an alphabet so I can have letters and numbers to put on the coin! So, here is both the concept for the front side of the Ersetu gold sovereign coin, as well as what I've come up with so far for their alphabet! :D And letters n numbers
@Protecat is a wonderful artist I have commissioned a bunch of times in the past and it is with a happy heart that I welcome her to Star Army! Here is her commission info sheet: Characters done by Protecat for me: Now here are some examples of mecha, power armor, and backgrounds Protecat has done for SARP: All in all a really great artist! Here are her deviantart and tumblr pages, just to give you more examples of her work! Have fun on the site, Protecat!
I just got new art from @Gunsight1 and I really wanted to share it! I'll post all the other ones I've had done as well. Gunny arts: Takeshi Saba Brigid Piper And now Fukugami art: Corgan Garret I believe Wes paid for this art, from this person http://pencil-white.deviantart.com/ Freyja Yuuki
Concept sketch for the Ersetu navy space service pistol
Commission for Legix #2 another chibi commission for Legix about his OCs, Ronin and Dion! thank you so much for commissioning me!! it means a lot to me that you trust your characters on me! ;www; im open for many types of commissions, MORE INFO HERE: fav.me/d7yrmr3 also open for POKÉMON TEAM commissions: fav.me/dafc6i6 View Commission for Legix #2 on DeviantArt
Small and fast! Schooners are small unrated vessels usually used as curriors or, dispatch boats or tenders. This one has 4 gunports (2 per broadside) for optional guns, but this vessel is not meant to be a fighting ship. Edit: added the other wing!
Art for the three planets of the Kuangirru star system Planet Ersetu Planet Akkade Planet Kar Tibir
I will be posting any art that I create in this thread. Do note, it'll mostly be on cyberpunk settings and characters, with a small blend of Japanese. Also note, I'm not a great artist. Without further ado, my first art piece of my OC: The Nomad
So, I'm makin' an art thread. Enjoy as you see fit. SARPy arty firsty wirsty. Less SARPy arty. Generic SF infantry Modern fantasy Terraria fanart. I love the game because I was playing a mermaid with wings that rode a unicorn that could walk on water. And she had a pulse rifle (not shown). General Flammia, original character. Served the Oscillon Armory, an organization that provided law enforcement, convoy escort and a mercenary army to outlying stations and underdeveloped colonies. There are issues with this uniform design (boots, ugh) which I'd never got around to rectifying, but it's a good starting place.
Surprise, @Talonis Wolf! I've commissioned art for your Nepleslian character, "Stripe" Doane. The art is by Xhromer, who mostly draws muscular men (making him perfect for beefy Nepleslians like yours). Here it is: No hat version: I hope you like it!
Well, you all know about Eistheid's Very NSFW Tumblr, so this is mostly for things that crop up elsewhere.
For those of you who do not know, I paint. Not on canvas, but in scale models. Like so. My primary specialization is tanks and tracked vehicles, but I can paint other stuff. Like metallic death spiders nazi robots (sieg zeon) and civilian vehicles for comfort and luxury I have been a scale model painter for going on... I can barely remember, but I enjoy painting and will probably do it until they have to pry the paintbrush from my cold, dead hands. Here is a comprehensive list of completed works I have on imgur: http://imgur.com/a/Fs2ne#0 http://imgur.com/a/paK6i http://imgur.com/a/88ITG#0 http://imgur.com/a/AwtRW#0 http://imgur.com/a/H5rvO#0 Here is as well a list of uncompleted works I have...
Just brought my old art blog back from the dead. Random SARP concepts starting to end up there, since no other place to upload them really. Mostly mecha and adora-bomination creepy-cute waifu material. Also tanks. Eh, have a look if you want. http://lobstersliveforever.tumblr.com/ (Unused Freespacer.) (Unused Robot/Mecha/Cyborg) (Treasure 33, my character from the OIF Salvation thread.) Just testing the water I guess.
On Friday Night, I rolled up my sleeves and made a pair of levels for Doom II. Download them here on this DropBox link. My next map, I'm thinking, will be a more city environment/urban, like Funky City as opposed to the little village I have going in MAP02. Technical Notes: These two maps will run on GZDoom only, because I made the map's metadata accept GZDoom only, so it uses features that vanilla Doom II will not have. Attempting to run this in vanilla Doom II will not work. Once you have GZDoom set up and the DOOM2 wad in the same directory, simply drag ChickenMapToGo.wad onto the GZDoom Icon and play! For more information on playing Doom, as well as some good community recommendations, consult this enormous image. DOUBLE...
Hello all, Like the title says, I have a rather......minor art request, specifically concerning the Type 33 Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol: Would someone mind making me a version that has the "BR-28E" changed to "BR-38E" and the "Type 33 NSP" changed to "Type 33/B NSP" ? It's for a Kodian-sized variant of the NSP (read: a small addition to the 'Variants' subsection) I plan on submitting to the NTSE soon. I apologize in advance for the...inconvenience this might cause, as I'd be unable to pay whomever takes up my request (due to currently being low on moolahz :( )
hi hi It has been a while since I posted last, and I want to apologize in advance for making this up without any prior approval, not trying to step on anyone's toes here. But it's a new year, and when I was thinking about my old character, I wondered what might have happened to her since the United Outer Colonies fell. Dawn came gently over the desolate, hard-scrabble highlands on a remote planet, when a streak of fire cut across the sky. And after the fire was spent, Elena saw a tiny black speck grow closer to the ground, closer to her little camp. Elena winced as she lifted herself to her feet. Old wounds were flaring up again, but she knew she had to take the initiative. Whoever the new arrivals were, whether friend or foe...
=hammerhead']Na-F/A 02 Hammerhead-Type Strike Bomber 3D Model: Early Stages. All values in 10x mm. (32.36m=323.6mm) More specifications and detailed measurements eagerly welcomed. (Disclaimer: Not a professional, no guarantee on quality)
So I have this friend, EtchESketch. And thanks to a series of events, they've started doing some art for Star Army at my behest. They also talk commissions, so that's a thing Tumblr Page And here's the information on their commissions. When they've got the images done of Porrim, Ny'za, and Menelik finished, I'll post them here. Captain Porrim: Ny'za: Menelik:
I must've lurked here something fierce over the last year or two. Work and study keep me from making any meaningful contribution here thus far, so until such time I can join the fray proper, I'll stick a few things here, mostly things worked on and off as time permits. Things mostly related to the histories of potential characters, as the thread name may imply. Might as well start off with my current (as seen on the 28th of September, 2015) profile picture. It's an old, now seemingly little used freighter within the forums. One of the old DOGA (I think) ships that lingers largely forgotten within the wiki. It seems simple, but I rather like the design for some reason. Written up paragraphs about the (maybe) features and failings of a...
I bumped against the TYPE 33 NSP pistol on the Wiki while studying and decided to make it in 3D since I actually liked it and didn't have much to do. Hanako's Type 33X NSP Prototype: Type 33 NSP: Type 33 NSP Dark: Type 33/C NSP: Type 33/C NSP (SSS): I'll post the other versions soon ;o
this was built in Six hours in Google Sketchup
Hi this is a thread about the things that I draw. I either whipped this up surprisingly fast or got enthralled and lost track of time. Either way I had a blast drawing this. MORE TO COME
I've just received the finished Star Army patches! The 3 inch diameter iron-on patches feature my classic Star Army Hinomaru design. This special edition variant has the Mindy power armor in chrome gold! I got 100 patches to share with SARP! Close-up view: Here's a comparison with the original ones I made back in 2007. The new ones are definitely higher quality. The full set of Star Army patches made thus far:
Seems like I cant keep away from wanting to create stuff. So lets just give you guys a quick peek inside my oven. Some rough dimensions and info: The ship is roughly 45~50 meters in length and designed to kill the role of an armored transporter. She has 4 main engines in her center fuselage, 2 high powered thrusters in the front and a set of dual engines. In terms of weapons, 8x Dual defensive turrets, 2x dual Gimbaled turrets, 18x small ship to ship missiles and 4 heavy missiles. Oh, and a little boarding hatch on the bottom.