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I have big plans for NSS Inquiry and this is one of them... A moonlit battle between a Raider and Elefirn PA!! It was done by this guy, Ark3nd! He has never done commissions before now, but is happy to continue doing work for SARP!
I suck at DoGA =D! I am aware of this. Nothing I have made in the past has been complicated, but I sat down tonight and took a nice long look at the parts to see what I could do. Each post will be a ship and a description of what I have in mind for it. Seems simple enough? I'll probably throw in how many parts I used to make the things.
As the title says. I recently discovered that I have some smidge of drawing abilities. I'm better at photoshop, so I'll be drawing outlines on paper, and coloring in photoshop. I shall put up what I make here. First one today. Not finished obviously. Inspired by Solid Snake and the Swedish Army's equipment. I'll color it in photoshop. One day I'd also love to learn shading.
I think it would be cute if we added to one picture, this one to start with: Take turns doodling something on it, until it is too monstrous to add to anymore! At that point someone can make a new base img to have more fun with! Please do it or I'll have to add to it on my lonesome D:
I've invited an artist from DeviantArt, TeaForWolf, to come and do some chibis for us. We're looking for a new chibi artist and Tea needs rent money so let's make this happen. Here's what his chibis look like: I think these will work for us. So, to request a chibi, fill out the following form: Character name: Character wiki page URL: Clothing references: Notes: It's a $5 chibi, so don't make it overly complicated. All chibis will be paid for by Star Army but if you want to cover the cost, just donate to the site.
So, This is what I get when I go into the sarp parts file on doga. So, how do I get these pictures back? It doesn't help that many of the files are also completely empty when I try to access them in DoGA. Am I missing something there?
Hello SARP! As promised at the Star Army meeting on November 16, 2016, I'm opening a general character art request thread in which Star Army gifts character art to its members. The purpose of this thread is to handle non-Zairyo art requests for the 2016 Holiday season. In this thread, you can request artwork for your characters or for other people's characters. Eligibility: Art is available for characters who: Are currently in an active RP Have been in the RP for at least a month Plan to continue for a long time (not giving art to people about to leave, etc) Actually need artwork no artwork only have really old artwork only have low-quality artwork Preferably have art that can be used in some secondary purpose on other wiki pages...
So most recent project was to start drawing Ersetu coins, which lead me to needing an alphabet so I can have letters and numbers to put on the coin! So, here is both the concept for the front side of the Ersetu gold sovereign coin, as well as what I've come up with so far for their alphabet! :D And letters n numbers
@Protecat is a wonderful artist I have commissioned a bunch of times in the past and it is with a happy heart that I welcome her to Star Army! Here is her commission info sheet: Characters done by Protecat for me: Now here are some examples of mecha, power armor, and backgrounds Protecat has done for SARP: All in all a really great artist! Here are her deviantart and tumblr pages, just to give you more examples of her work! Have fun on the site, Protecat!
I just got new art from @Gunsight1 and I really wanted to share it! I'll post all the other ones I've had done as well. Gunny arts: Takeshi Saba Brigid Piper And now Fukugami art: Corgan Garret I believe Wes paid for this art, from this person http://pencil-white.deviantart.com/ Freyja Yuuki
Someone told me I should put this up here. I have a DeviantArt, where I put up miscellaneous drawings and models. I draw in a mildly cartoonish style with a love for odd shading and THICC sexy linework. You can also see some old (and some crappy) relics from the past RP and stories I've been in. Be warned traveler, quality drops as you go father back. I'm still in the process of cleaning up old stuff I don't want anymore. http://breakfastbaron.deviantart.com Sadly, I no longer do commissions. I can't dedicate time to drawing others characters any more. Some of my personal top picks. http://breakfastbaron.deviantart.com/art/Avis-Roth-654428407 http://breakfastbaron.deviantart.com/art/Amelia-the-Albino-638944909...
I found this through a DeviantArt artist I follow, who builds doll programs. Here's her latest one, which is usable for making X-Men style female mutants. Here's an example of what you can make with it:
Concept sketch for the Ersetu navy space service pistol
DOGA Download: http://doga.jp/2008/programs/dogal/dogal3/download.html or https://stararmy.com/downloads/SARP-DOGA.rar (has some extra parts) FAQs: http://rpstudios.ian-justman.com/junk/dogaFAQ.html
Hey guys. I'm making myself available to do commissions. I am in an unexpected financial crisis and need to try and keep my head above water. I am up for doing about any art you guys may want. Character portraits, ships, technical drawings and schematics and more complicated scenes. Here is some sample art for you guys to get a feel for what I can do; As for pricing, Character line art (Pencil or digital)* Busts: $5 Full figure: $10 Character Full color digital * Busts: $10 Full figure: $15 * add $5 each for additional character in the image. Technical art Line diagrams: $15-$30 (depending on how many views desired) 3/4th angle view: $15 Scenes/Cover Art Starting at $30, depending on complexity. PM me to discuss what...
I wanted to reveal it as a big old surprise, so here's Wil and Rei, @Gunhand4171 !! Art by tutti-fruppy!!
Commission for Legix #2 another chibi commission for Legix about his OCs, Ronin and Dion! thank you so much for commissioning me!! it means a lot to me that you trust your characters on me! ;www; im open for many types of commissions, MORE INFO HERE: fav.me/d7yrmr3 also open for POKÉMON TEAM commissions: fav.me/dafc6i6 View Commission for Legix #2 on DeviantArt
Small and fast! Schooners are small unrated vessels usually used as curriors or, dispatch boats or tenders. This one has 4 gunports (2 per broadside) for optional guns, but this vessel is not meant to be a fighting ship. Edit: added the other wing!
Art for the three planets of the Kuangirru star system Planet Ersetu Planet Akkade Planet Kar Tibir
Osaka did a bingo and I don't want to flood their doodling thread with my own, so I'll start a bingo thread! Some other people should make some! They're [not] easy! ~enjoi
Hello everyone, So I'm using DOGA to make models for my ships and weapons, but I got confused by the Doga 3 page and downloaded Doga 1 instead. Now, I've figured that out and got Doga 3 now, but how do I transfer the stuff I have on Doga 1 to 3? Thank you in advance, Acewing13
Let's have a contest for drawing your characters in costume! Post here to enter, and then on October 28th, I'll create a poll and the site members will get to vote on the winner, which will be announced on October 31st (Halloween). I'll give the winner a special forum banner and choice of: 3-month CORE membership on DeviantArt or the equivalent in cash ($15) on PayPal, or Paid slot in Zairyo's commission list Edit: For contest purposes, the artwork submitted has to be your own work.
Hello, I’m kejt and I'm in need of money for my grandma. Therefore I offer you commissions. I will draw almost everything(ocs, fanarts etc.). More info is here: http://kejttensha.deviantart.com/art/Commissions-Info-598422057 and http://kejttensha.deviantart.com/journal/COMMISSIONS-INFO-602939185 My dA gallery: http://kejttensha.deviantart.com/gallery/ Thanks, kejt
Think I have something I like.. Looks sufficiantly like a boat!
A while back I posted the old Star Army forum headers and banners. Today I'm showing the old avatars. Back in the day, when we used phpBB2 (2004-2007), the board had an "Avatar gallery" with a list of avatars users could choose from. Most people just uploaded their own, but that didn't stop me from having some options available in the gallery. When the forum software was upgraded, the avatar gallery went away, but I still have the files (I'm kind of a Star Army packrat, and I try to save everything from the site's history). So here they are:
I will be posting any art that I create in this thread. Do note, it'll mostly be on cyberpunk settings and characters, with a small blend of Japanese. Also note, I'm not a great artist. Without further ado, my first art piece of my OC: The Nomad
Here we have the sixth rate frigate HMS Hussar cruising for pirates! started scribbling this on last nights stream. Gonna finish it :)
Hello, SARP, I've decided to put up an official commission thread for my works on the forums. For no reason at all, really. There are quite a few pieces of artwork that I've done and are all around the wiki, but they're so many that I've lost count on all of them by now, so I'll just be linking some of the commissions I've done. For this thread, I'll be dividing my works in three categories: Linearts (Starting at $5 per character): Some of my commissioned work in this category for SARP: link link link link Colored and shaded linearts (Starting at $10 per character): Some of my commissioned work in this category for SARP: link link link link Digital paintings and illustrations (Starting at $30 per character, armor, vehicle): Some of...
Did my first art stream tonight! It was a blast! :D Thanks to everyone that popped on and watched :D Here is the scribbles from the stream This was a lot of fun, and I hope to do it again soon :D
I was thinking that it would be cool if we had custom smileys/emoji for our forums. It could be things like pixel art of fighters spaceships (maybe useful for showing squadron compositions), or basic smiley faces with Star Army or NSMC headwear. So I figured I'd ask you guys and see if you're interested in this and what ideas you have. What would you like to see and how would you use it? Anyone with art skills interested in contributing some?
So, I'm makin' an art thread. Enjoy as you see fit. SARPy arty firsty wirsty. Less SARPy arty. Generic SF infantry Modern fantasy Terraria fanart. I love the game because I was playing a mermaid with wings that rode a unicorn that could walk on water. And she had a pulse rifle (not shown). General Flammia, original character. Served the Oscillon Armory, an organization that provided law enforcement, convoy escort and a mercenary army to outlying stations and underdeveloped colonies. There are issues with this uniform design (boots, ugh) which I'd never got around to rectifying, but it's a good starting place.
Surprise, @Talonis Wolf! I've commissioned art for your Nepleslian character, "Stripe" Doane. The art is by Xhromer, who mostly draws muscular men (making him perfect for beefy Nepleslians like yours). Here it is: No hat version: I hope you like it!
Well, you all know about Eistheid's Very NSFW Tumblr, so this is mostly for things that crop up elsewhere.
I've received this note on DeviantArt. Looking at the first link, he does 10$ linearts and 30$ colored full bodies. His gallery reveals character pictures in a very american artstyle that feels to me like quite the bargain. The quality is quite good, the pricepoint is competitive, and from the commission history I looked up, the artist seems credible.
Ok so I'm not gonna lie, it's been a a stressful set of weeks. A lot of things have been going in my personal life and it's been draining my mental health and, more importantly, my muse. So to preserve the former I'm gonna challenge myself to post a short story here at least once a week, to work out my creative writing muscle while also fishing for critiques and opinions. To accelerate this and challenge myself I'll also be fishing for prompts. That's where you guys come in! I want your prompts and your opinions. So in short, I'll be posting a short essay here, about once a week, based off prompts you guys toss at me. To start things off I decided to pick up a prompt I've worked with before; describe a series of events surrounding a...
I was in a writing mood tonight; the first in years, so I wrote up a little vignette concerning what is happening in the Thoot mothership during the Heartbreaker's escape with Sally, Yui and Edtoto. Sammy is obviously non-canon at the moment, as I don't yet plan on using him in roleplay. Note that I wrote this up in about an hour at 1 AM. Please forgive any grammar mishaps! Part 1 Sammy let out a low whine as his claw tapped on one of the buttons, sending off Thoot's message to the alien vessel. “I have spoke your mind.”, he stated to the queen, who glowered behind him, turning his head slightly so as to glance over at her for approval. Sammy received none. The miasma of fury amongst Thoot and her children was horrible, and it made...
For those of you who do not know, I paint. Not on canvas, but in scale models. Like so. My primary specialization is tanks and tracked vehicles, but I can paint other stuff. Like metallic death spiders nazi robots (sieg zeon) and civilian vehicles for comfort and luxury I have been a scale model painter for going on... I can barely remember, but I enjoy painting and will probably do it until they have to pry the paintbrush from my cold, dead hands. Here is a comprehensive list of completed works I have on imgur: http://imgur.com/a/Fs2ne#0 http://imgur.com/a/paK6i http://imgur.com/a/88ITG#0 http://imgur.com/a/AwtRW#0 http://imgur.com/a/H5rvO#0 Here is as well a list of uncompleted works I have...
Just brought my old art blog back from the dead. Random SARP concepts starting to end up there, since no other place to upload them really. Mostly mecha and adora-bomination creepy-cute waifu material. Also tanks. Eh, have a look if you want. http://lobstersliveforever.tumblr.com/ (Unused Freespacer.) (Unused Robot/Mecha/Cyborg) (Treasure 33, my character from the OIF Salvation thread.) Just testing the water I guess.
On Friday Night, I rolled up my sleeves and made a pair of levels for Doom II. Download them here on this DropBox link. My next map, I'm thinking, will be a more city environment/urban, like Funky City as opposed to the little village I have going in MAP02. Technical Notes: These two maps will run on GZDoom only, because I made the map's metadata accept GZDoom only, so it uses features that vanilla Doom II will not have. Attempting to run this in vanilla Doom II will not work. Once you have GZDoom set up and the DOOM2 wad in the same directory, simply drag ChickenMapToGo.wad onto the GZDoom Icon and play! For more information on playing Doom, as well as some good community recommendations, consult this enormous image. DOUBLE...
Hello all, Like the title says, I have a rather......minor art request, specifically concerning the Type 33 Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol: Would someone mind making me a version that has the "BR-28E" changed to "BR-38E" and the "Type 33 NSP" changed to "Type 33/B NSP" ? It's for a Kodian-sized variant of the NSP (read: a small addition to the 'Variants' subsection) I plan on submitting to the NTSE soon. I apologize in advance for the...inconvenience this might cause, as I'd be unable to pay whomever takes up my request (due to currently being low on moolahz :( )
I'll now be updating OP with Mark's info: THE CHARACTER LIST CIRRUS STATION CHARACTERS 1. Keziah Dells - DONE 2. Stovaa Drakon 3. Akio Noboru - DONE 4. Deacon -Cancelled at request of player. 5. Method 6. Serra Evangelle NSS ACADIA CHARACTERS 1. Talbain - DONE 2. Otarcael, Lilly Livia (I'm hesitant to greenlight this due to Zairyo's commission, but I may have to.) 3. Phaedra Volkov - DONE 4. Henry Morris - DONE 5. Trey Penton - DONE 6. William Howard Harrison - DONE MISC CHARACTERS 1. Robert Davis - DONE 2. Shaun - If slots are available (looks like that'll be the case). 3. Viktor Kingson - Art already done? Did you check up on this?
Since I take two creative writing courses, I'm supposed to do a lot of free-writing. I decided to share these snippets with SARP. I'll leave the prompt before the piece. Feel free to comment on these snippets. I usually write about the Raiken. In this OP, I'll post a couple. In other posts I may post one or a group. === Prompt: Priest, Wanting something against their normal. (Had to pick a person from a list, priest was one.) Jeelul stood at the altar, twisting a tail of his robe in one hand, "No no no, can't do that." The male glanced up at the stained glass lining the ceiling, all depicting the great Roshya heroes. Sunlight trailed in through the windows, lighting the floor in with a wide array of colors. He was alone in the...
Hey, everybody. Today I thought of starting up a TUMBLR blog for myself, and came to the horrifying discovery that the name 'Little Wasp' is already taken. After gouging my eyes out ritualistically and then placing them back delicately, I do what I love doing when people use the same name as I: Improvise! So, rather than just another way for me to post art and have no one look at it, I'm going to style my blog as an in-character diary, with art, for no one to look at! Kipahsunah is a character of mine that I someday hope to include in a video game project, but for now, I mainly just draw him. This blog is going to consist of his therapy diary logs, with an accompanying illustration from time to time. http://kipahsunah.tumblr.com/ To...
Occasionally, I will do some major piece of writing for a character. While this piece of writing was for another site I figure I could post it here. It is quite recently made, having only been completed two weeks ago, and was my Required Roleplay Sample for a Sangheili Fleet Mistress of the same name I boast here! It is 8000+ words just in case you feel you might TL;DR [hr] Edto Xar’Sivaree sat at the helm of her Heavy Destroyer with a solemn look upon her face. There was still quite a bit of tension on her ship since she was placed in command. It did not help that the Fleet Master had an obvious disdain for her. She had been “Honourably” given the position of Fleet Central Guard. In other words, the Fleet Master felt they had to be...
hi hi It has been a while since I posted last, and I want to apologize in advance for making this up without any prior approval, not trying to step on anyone's toes here. But it's a new year, and when I was thinking about my old character, I wondered what might have happened to her since the United Outer Colonies fell. Dawn came gently over the desolate, hard-scrabble highlands on a remote planet, when a streak of fire cut across the sky. And after the fire was spent, Elena saw a tiny black speck grow closer to the ground, closer to her little camp. Elena winced as she lifted herself to her feet. Old wounds were flaring up again, but she knew she had to take the initiative. Whoever the new arrivals were, whether friend or foe...
Was just considering if Garnett Karuna and Kanz evolve later on into their careers, and this ship was the result. It's through the Custom Ship creator for Galatic Civ III, and provides a good basis from anything from fightercraft to capital ships (the design here is for a corvette/frigate if I'm remembering my ship classes correctly.)
It's time to break out the holiday-themed avatars! Here's some of the ones from last year! Post yours if you made one! Also, if anyone wants me to make one for you, post your current avatar or the one you want to use in the thread here and I'll see what I can do.
=hammerhead']Na-F/A 02 Hammerhead-Type Strike Bomber 3D Model: Early Stages. All values in 10x mm. (32.36m=323.6mm) More specifications and detailed measurements eagerly welcomed. (Disclaimer: Not a professional, no guarantee on quality)
While I was digging around, I came across the old headers for the forums and the ship banners we used to use. I figured I'd post them, since some of them were pretty cool!