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Maki Ai aka Cherish Maki "Cherish" Ai , The former idol catgirl mechanic turned secretary in the Song of Whitemeadow plot on Star Army.com. Another adorable chibi base by the ever talented Nukababe . View Maki Ai aka Cherish on DeviantArt
[C] Moe-chan cause her full name's Moesashi Yama ouo Dramatic commission for Thank you for being patient with me and I hope you like it ! I find it kinda odd that I've done so many star army commissions, even tho I'm not into space stuff at all haha Not that I'm complaining, the characters are adorable, their uniforms are really really nice and the people behind them are always so nice! also reading the wiki pages for the charas and uniforms is super fun owo But the only space-related thing I've ever been really really interested in is this one fake documentary about an alternative earth or something that I watched when I was little. It said that there were flying wales and when a tree was outgrown and the sun could no longer reach...
Neera Pine This was my first time using one of Cozy Cat Studio's bases. This is the Halycon base. BUT once again, this is a character on Star Army.com! Character is 's Neera Pine View Neera Pine on DeviantArt
Mizuki Another one of Acewing's characters on Star Army.com! Her skintone was a challenge. I also should have finished this last month. >> Oh well. This is one of Nukababe 's Moe bases. View Mizuki on DeviantArt
Do you remember Zairyo, the artist that did tons of early SARP art for us? Well I contacted him today and he's offering us some really sweet prices. Here's what he sent me: OK, so as you may have seen, I've been doing full color "sketches" for the past year or so. These are cheaper than the digitally inked counterparts as they are less demanding. (I'm basically jumping over a whole step with this method and the finished piece is quite similar) Here's a better way to explain it: First the rough sketch as always: http://i5.minus.com/i39nEfXocNCIO.jpg (rest of the samples are from a different commission, I'm using this one 'cause it's the only one I kept online. Mostly 'cause I like it even though it didn't get a pass) Second the...
Commission for Ametheliana #4 16/n this was a commission from the lovely Ametheliana some weeks ago! thank you so much for commissioning me, i hope you will like it!! im open for many types of commissions, MORE INFO HERE: fav.me/d7yrmr3 also open for POKÉMON TEAM commissions: fav.me/dafc6i6 View Commission for Ametheliana #4 16/n on DeviantArt
Hello there! I'm an illustrator, animator and am happy to be offering my services to all you fine people here at Star Army. I was introduced via r/ICanDrawThat on Reddit where I drew Aala Dash and Meissa Nashira (original posts here and here). I am offering individual character portraits, group/crew deals, mecha, vehicles, bots, spacecraft, props, environments, and full scenes. NSFW A-Ok! I would describe my style as anime/manga influenced mixed with European clean-line aesthetic (Heavy Metal, Mobeius, Hergé). I put together a sample and pricing guide here. You can view more samples of my work on my portfolio. Full-body character portraits start at $30 for B&W line art (which you can color yourself), $40 for flat color, $60 for...
comm24 another commission for ! thanks agaaain!! View comm24 on DeviantArt
All righty, in my drawing queue I currently have: Tange Misato Motoyoshi Katsuko Recently completed stuff: YSS Asamoya forum banner YSS Asamoya patch 17th Armor Wing Patch 5XF Fleet Patch 5Xf Forum Banner
Most of these will already be on my DA; which shares my username, before I link them here. The pictures are rather big, so I'll just put links if that's okay so I don't stretch the page. Once in a while, some might get posted as the image rather than the link. So long as I'm certain it won't stretch it. Depending on if I believe I can draw someone else's characters well enough, I might have pictures with other characters. Sometimes it might just be a headshot instead of a full body. My whole avatar- Displeased Tacticus-
This'll just be a thread for any writings I do. I'm not sure if they would fit into my art thread. But if staff would prefer me to just have one thread then i give em fully permission to delete this and I'll put any random writings into my normal art thread. So here's a little info for what yer about to read. I didn't have a great night on Friday, sure it got better near the end of it slightly. But a good chunk of the night went terribly. A few friends on a different site wanted to help me feel better and as no one was able to rp at the time they suggested I write a story or just write for randomness.So i ended up writing something and somehow it didn't turn out super long. You guys can comment down bellow on this stuff if ya want...
So about a year ago I did a 3D render of the SiZi revolver. Recently I was bored, so I decided to do another 3D render of a SARP weapon: The SLAM. I used to drawing on the wiki for reference, and managed to crank this out after many hours of inefficient distracted work. Side view Back Now, I had a silly idea and I went with it and I regret nothing. All in all, I had a blast doing this and it gave me a chance to test out multiple features I hadn't used before, such as decals and freeform parts. I didn't know who designed the launcher at first, but the article was authored by @Wes, so... Merry Early Christmas!
So, there are a couple of things I want to accomplish with this civilian-grade 750 meter battleship. First and foremost, I want this to resemble(to a reasonable degree) the battleships of WWII. I think I've done that but I'm still open to ideas. Second, I want it to have that broadsider, punching bag feel. Sooo, I'm looking for ideas on how I can make this ship a shield monster. I'm considering making those 'torpedo' things shield boosters/extenders that can be launched and flown from the bridge. This ship is going to primarily see use against raiders preying on cargo ships so it would be nice to be able to send them away to protect a damaged ship. Third, NO AETHER WEAPONRY. These guns need a hefty BANG. I'm looking into several types...
Had some fun combining some existing ship art for the Ersetu into a little scene :) "Here we have the first rate line of battleship HMS Empress, accompanied by the third rate ship of the line HMS Revenge and HM schooner Spitfire in orbit above a world in the Dominion of Ersetu space, some time early in the year 1800 (YE 35)"
I've been singing since I was like, 8. So I sing a lot. So much. It's absurd how much I sing, pisses muttface mcderp off so much. So very much. So I decided to do a weird project, now that I have my condenser mic up and operational. Thought? What if I sang a song, and I backed myself up 9 times? So, I recorded myself singing Fields of Gold by Sting, 10 times, picked my favourite, made that track a stereo track, screwed around with the pan of the other tracks to make it as if the "Backups" are all around me. These vocals are RAW. I did nothing to them other than a noise reduction to get a bit of the buzz I get from the two computers I sit next too, as well as pop and click reduction on the main track so that you guys don't hear that...
Hello! Welcome to my Vault. This where I throw all the things I deem showable to the public. I'm currently available for Sprites and Avatar making. ---- Original Post: I am creative and I wish to share my things with you! If you havn't noticed recently, I sprite a little bit, and I've made a sprite line for Asher and Yukari.(For the respective avatars) I do a lot of sketch stuff as well, like the concepts for the Navy and Dress uniforms for the Star Military of Nepleslia. There's the Knuckler, with diagram parts. And the CSS Suit! Of course, I've been told to ink and color my things, but hey I colored my sprites? Is that not enough? Of course it is, these are only my SARP related stuffs, anyway.
I realized Asteria got their subforum but they have no banner. I have stepped in to resolve this problem.
So I recall a lot of comments being that the Vekimen don't have the greatest art. So, a friend of mine did up some pictures for me. WILD VEKIMEN ATTACK! I told said friend about SARP, but he asked me not to publicize because he would not have time to do art for the site as a whole. Barely has enough time for the other comissions I got from him. Don't wanna take the chance people will go to him a lot ^.^; All in all, I think they get the point across. The Vekimen aren't Nice.
Character: https://stararmy.com/wiki/doku.php?id=character:creature Artist: Nicoy Guevarra https://nicoyguevarra.deviantart.com/ Special Thanks to: @Kim for sending me to her!
So one of my buddies and project collaborators, Keith Wood, is accepting commissions. His prices do vary but this is what he said about his rates: b/w inks: $50 flat colors: $65-70 (depends on the color complexity) and final rendered: $85-100 (again, depending on complexity) Add $25 per each additional character in a single art piece He just started a Patron https://www.patreon.com/verias but he is a regular artist on the webcomic Mysteries of the Arcana: http://mysteriesofthearcana.com/, and is involved Starship Moonhawk: http://starshipmoonhawk.com, and was also involved with one of my webcomics, The Lavenders: http://thelavenders.smackjeeves.com/. He has a few galleries: FurrAffinity and Deviant Art...
Let it be known that this is not a discussion per say though if you contact me privately I would be happy to collaborate with you. This is a personal exercise to both test my ability to hammer out pseudo-scientific rhetoric used in both common and uncommon fictional works and/or commonly accepted role-play across every venue I've been exposed to over the past thirty years online and offline. This focusing and linking of these ideas will then be supported with true scientific theory. I've just recently become a member of Star Army. I'm not here to upset any balance. This is not an attempt to impose any structure on pre-existing concepts. This is simply an exercise and a testing of my own knowledge or ability to do research. It is...
A really cool artist does requests :O everyone should check their stream out and make requests sometime! https://www.twitch.tv/nineure
So this isn't the first time I've had this idea, I've just never put it into practice, so that's what I'm going to be doing now. Since I've been in high school I have had experience with 3D modeling programs, blender, SolidWorks, and Archie CAD. So naturally when I found DOGA through SARP I picked it up pretty easily. There are so many things I've designed but I simply don't have the time needed to write up the wiki pages. What I need is time. I have also begun working with the free Make Human program. Anyone can download this program and begin learning how to use it. I am no expert in human anatomy, but it is my personal opinion that this program has some potential for making character art. I am also convinced that it is a program...
Anyone tried this software before? http://www.makehuman.org/ It looks like it could be useful for SARP and it is free.
The ZARC-T39 'ZARCNAM' A currently in-progress update to one of Star Army's older and more popular mercenary/independent weapons. The model/artwork itself is done, being based along the original linework. A few modifications make it standout from the original, however, such as an integrated underbarrel plasma flamethrower/gun and magazine feeds/slides being changed from its original AK-inspiration to an AR-15. It's a filthy union of Soviet and American weapons within the sci-fi setting... so it sure as hell gets style points. There's hard-stocks, the ability to knock it off, a 10-shot magazine (for more carbine/rifle firing than SMG), a plasma enhancing compensator to enhance its lower barrel, a plasma storing grip-mount (allowing the...
OsakanOne here. The better stuff of my journey to artistic enlightenment ends up here. At this point, it's mostly just experimentation... If you'd like me to have a go at something for you, just ask here!
( http://i.imgur.com/sdfSeJo.png ) Here's the outline of an Impulse, modified and based off the stellar original art made by Ryujin. If you have a basic editing app like Paint.Net or photoshop, you can now easily color/have a starting base for your own attempt at one of the iconic power armors of Star Army =3=/
Doga file is in the attached .zip!
I rarely draw, as I don't think I am good enough at it to keep doing it. Well, I also didn't used to have time to but I kinda do now but not enough drive. So here I am going post my occasional drawing here and see if I ever improve through time. "Mei-san, Where is Mommy?" (8/6/17) Context Here
Hello, I'm Kaze! I was directed to this forum, and it honestly looks like fun! Once I get some art done, I'll definitely work on my first character! So, a good way to get to know people and their characters is to draw 'em, right? So! I made this for a friend a few weeks ago and IT was fun, so I'm offering up some as commissions!! PRICES $1.00 each, unlimited slots for everyone! EXAMPLES I'll post more examples once I finish some commissions! TO-DO None at the moment!
@Gunhand4171 The zip file with the images and the doga-stuff for the ship is included here. I only used standard parts so it should be compatible with everything. More images here: http://imgur.com/a/0m1gv
Heyo guys =3=/ some of you may have noticed a new SARP-made mutt popped up under the Abwehran. Meet the Maulwurfhund This is a purebred Maulwurfhund and the only one to currently appear on the wiki. There are variations with different mane stylings, bone helmets (some that wrap the head and have spikes), and some with different tail lengths... but those aren't a main priority in terms of art, as this artwork is mainly intended to get the species into the setting for those who want a large dog for their characters and/or plots! This is where you come in. Here's the lineart for the doggos =3=/ but there are some notes! Don't make a purebreed! This lineart is mainly useful in that people can make their own mutts and genetically...
@Toshiro See attached
Third time's the charm right Relevant Links: Profile Star Army Gallery DeviantArt page __________________________________________________ This is aimed to those of you that don't have a credit card or paypal account (or any way to pay for digital content) but wish they could get a commission from me. As some of you know I have an Xbox 360, which means nothing Microsoft does is ever free, that goes with Xbox Live and Marketplace related content. The Star Army price for commissions remains the same, $15 for the commission and an extra $5 for the card option which brings it to $20. Those $20 can be paid with: A- 1600 Microsoft Points B- 3 months of Xbox live Gold subscription I currently care more about the points than the...
Saw some unit organization images and decided to give it a crack, this will hopefully represent the standard detachment of Pact Colonial Marines on board a destroyer tonnage starship (not counting the airwing). It is a combined arms unit on the low end of a battalion type unit. Mostly intended to take care of itself for the first few days of a conflict. Obviously it is heavily mechanized with an attached air defense unit. I'm kinda curious @Wes how do you think a Century would do against a unit like this? Vehicle Crew - 112 Medium PA - 54 Light PA - 34 - Total Men - 200 - Mecha - 4 Main Battle Tanks - 4 Assault Tanks - 2 Heavy Assault IFVs - 8 SPAAG - 3 Light IFVs - 3 Light Tanks - 3 Trucks (Utility) - 8 Trucks (Heavy) - 6 - Total...
So on DeviantArt I found a bunch of animal bases/templates that are freely available for use and I thought we should find some excuse to put dogs into SARP. Maybe factions could get military working dogs, or civilian characters could get pets. Anyway, here are the resources I found that looked useful to SARP. Post if you found more free resources, and show us what you made with these! http://sedillo-kennels.deviantart.com/art/Free-Siberian-Husky-Lineart-425031602 http://sedillo-kennels.deviantart.com/art/Free-Siberian-Husky-Lineart-324813205 http://atrocias.deviantart.com/art/Free-to-use-lineart-318587214 http://kayxer.deviantart.com/art/Free-Lineart-375469873 http://kayxer.deviantart.com/art/Freebie-Lineart-375469111...
I make these ship patches here and there and like how they turn out in the end! I'm more than willing to do some for others. As the title says, just ask and I can chat with you about what you want. Oh, and I definitely will do it "off the books" (for free)!
Got my art for Bronzi, this guy handled it in like 48 hours. I am impressed, and he desearves a shot my fellows!
So as many of you fine writers may know the M2-4 has a nice illustration, but the image doesn't portray very much room for a man. I thought it would be really cool to see Yamataian PA's in both male and female variants. So, I have contacted the original artist for a quote. $120 for the front view plus $90 to add rear view for a grand total of $210. I do not have $210 to invest in art but I could part with 10 or 20 and still pay the bills. So I would like to gauge interest and count pledges. If 20 members, plus myself, give $10 to this project it'll happen. I would ask @Wes to handle the financial aspect of this to ensure that it is handled correctly.
AALA DASH got some art done thanks to all of your upvotes on reddit!! Ty guys so much!! Legix set up something or other (I don't understand reddit!) and all of you made sure the thread didn't get buried and IT WORKED!!
@Primitive Polygon mentioned an interest in me talking about my various game projects, which is something I haven't actually gotten around to showing here. Here is an archive containing three of my most complete game projects: Aghretta (My very first, and so far only complete game) - It is worth noting that this game has a level that is possibly dangerous to those with photosensitive epilepsy Aghretta 2 (the prototype for a sequel of sorts) I Don't Care (the nickname I have for my RPG Maker game I'm currently working on) I've also got a .rar archive for my Sins of a Solar Empire sound mod, where I replace most of the weapon and ability sound effects with my voice. @Gunhand4171 was interested in it. Just put the 'Sound' folder into...
I had some art done for @Ametheliana of Aashi Nath Werner and Ulysses S Werner on their wedding day. ^-^
But I'm having trouble contacting an artist any suggestions?
I hope @Wes likes these! Done by Tutti!
WIP of something I am doing. Linework is not mine, shading has not been finished. lookee the pretty clouds o.o http://d.facdn.net/art/cinnamonhunter/1393969959/1393969959.cinnamonhunter_motel_lineart.jpg Original F2U base. I have plans to make it a lineless piece.