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RP: YSS Kaiyō [YSS Kaiyō] Ni

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YSS Kaiyō
17日 1月 YE 39
1300 Hours

The Kaiyō had been quiet for the last fortnight since the mission. They were powering through space, towards the Kuvexians, the enemies to the Yamatai Star Empire. During that time, they had gotten to know one another, especially by way of nightly trust exercises led by Taii Teien Eden. They had yet to test their skills in combat again, though, after the small skirmish. A shuttle had taken the pirate prisoners back to Yamataian space and with it went the minkan medic, Lilta Hazel, and Yamamoto Airi.

The Taii sat at the command station on the bridge and saw a glint in space on the screen.

"I want a full readout of what we're seeing!" Eden said hurriedly to Asuka, not even waiting to see if she saw the same thing, as well. She knew there was something more here. Something to be investigated.

She called out to the SAINT officer and her XO, "Saki! Sakamoto! Advise in this situation."

"Boss, I want Nito Hei Navian, Meissa, Yoshida, Carter, and Santo Hei Mat, Maki, Anastasia, and Ume suited up!" she told the MEGAMI, which relayed the information to those specified by chiming in to their rooms, the lounge, the med bay, and elsewhere.
YSS Kaiyō
17日 1月 YE 39
1301 Hours

Anastasia had been sitting curled in a chair in the lounge, trying to read a book on her service pad. She had been getting better at reading more complex text, mostly fluent in Yamataian script. The Elysian had used the past fortnight to make sure everything was repaired following the last skirmish, and had more free time for things like reading and... well, getting some more sleep.

Anastasia was caught somewhat off guard by the call to action, like a deer in the headlights. "Whhat?"

After a short moment of confusion, Anastasia reoriented herself and started off towards the Power Armor Bay at a brisk pace.
"So far, one-hundred-percent of the unplanned encounters we have had have been registered as hostile. I'll check the weapons again if that number stays as such." Nito Hei Shan has been on the bridge like a good little girl, even though she can't do too much when there's nothing to shoot at. Wasting munitions is a bad idea, especially so if there is no readily available method of replenishing said munitions. If anything can be said about her it's that she has an almost fearful, or addictive, dedication to her work. She spends almost all her time up there on the bridge, keeping a constant watch supported by enough firepower to remove a small city. She's never been particularly good at people but her fear of failure, even if it isn't something she can control, seems to be a powerful force.
YSS Kaiyō
Recreation Room
17日 1月 YE 39
1230 Hours

An area of the recreational area is cleared out, reserved for Yoshida and Meissa as they stare each other down, one a tiger stalking its prey, the other a hawk focusing on a mouse.
Meissa empties her mind, tilts her head a little. Her breathing rhythm changes as she begins channeling the concept of her Ki, the so-called force within all living creatures. A smile twitches on her face.

She's gonna win.

Meanwhile Yoshida had, as always, a wide smile on her face as she took a combat stance, hopping on her toes a little. "So we're doing this right?" As always, she had seemed a tad hyperactive, her tail swishing more than giving it away. Her smile though was a little different than normal, it still had that waw joy, but with a hint of... Well, whatever it was it wasn't pleasent to look at. "Becuase I know you're good and all but it might be unfair given that I'm a Neko."

A lightning-fast sucker punch streaked out from Meissa's arm, aimed right for Yoshida's gut. Yoshida didn't blink, she didn't even pause to think. She merely acted. The knowledge of combat instilled in her already took over, to an extent. She reached down, and to the side just a little, and gave a 'slap block' as one may describe it to the side of her fist as it streaked towards her. Its a fairly well known exploitation of both physics and the limitations of the human body, that when it was applying force in one direction, it was vulnerable to forces being applied from other directions, easily throwing it off course and off balance. That was the plan any way, that her combat knowledge had instilled in her.

Her hands like talons, Meissa struck, again and again, in short, circular motions, rocketing towards Yoshida. With every block Yoshida could feel the raw power behind each blow. And yet, Meissa's breath remained steady and unwavering, as she breathed. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Yoshida stepped back a few times as the onslaught continued, and used the distance to see the strikes as they came, giving her ample time to react. Suddenly Yoshida, after blocking another blow, moved in closer, as she didn't have the raw reach that the taller Elysian would, the moment Yoshida went in for a feint punch, she also moved to kick Meissa's legs out from under her, with all the suprisingly large amount of force a neko could typically offer with it's size. Meissa, however, with all the serenity of a crane, stood firm, brushing by the feint with her wing. The mild pain barely registered on her face as she grabs Yoshida's leg, and with a yell, nearly upends Yoshida onto the mat by using the kick's force against Yoshida.

Yoshida never hit that mat however. No, the cheater was floating. At this point, she wasn't even touching the ground. No, her other, free leg was on a direct course for Meissa's chin, all the while she displayed a dazzling smile for Meissa, her short hair splayed everywhere has her gravity manipulation messed up her hairdo from the hovering. Meissa quickly moved to the side, frowning.
Seriously, fuck these guys. And she was up for playing fair, too.

With that stupid act, she tumbled right under Yoshida as she grabbed ahold of Yoshida's head, slamming her forehead against precisely Yoshida's sight cortex. Yoshida saw stars as she was caught off guard with the unconventional move, if she had been more attentive she would certainly have avoided the hit, what with the unpredictable nature of figthing an oppontent that could hover and all. She immedietly lose concentration and collapsed ontop of her assailant, confused and bewiledered but the sudden onset of scrambled brain syndrome. With that, Meissa slams Yoshida against the wall, pinning her face firmly against the wall.

"Yes." she replied to the statement that was spoken before the spar.

Yoshida looked around in a bit in confusion. She gathered her wits about her, somewhat slowly given the shock she had when Meissa seemingly brutally asaulted her. She finally turned back to spot Meissa and let out a mumble "Oh hi prety bird, What brings yoouu here?"

If she were entirely focused on the fight before hand rather than messing around like a loon, she might have had the initiative to activate her gravity manipulation once more and throw them both away from this wall, possibly against the next one. Or even, stopped herself from hitting the first wall. Unfortunately, she went in thinking this was more of this as a friendly bout as opposed to, whatever it was that just happened.

"Nothing much. How about you?" Meissa releases Yoshida as she stepped back and stretched out a little. She won, but man was it rougher than she thought. Mostly because Nekovalkyries being Nekovalkyries.

As soon as yoshida was released she wobbled away form the wall and leeanneed against Meissa for support. Mostly emotional support, as she could stand on her own now. "Getting beat up by a bully! I wonder where she went." She let out a laugh and patted Meissa once, less excited than normal. Understandable for somone that just got their behind served to them with a silver spoon. At this point they both looked more than slightly disheveled, hair all over the place from doing tumbles, hovering, and sudden wall-pins. It seemed to take a toll on their orignally mostly 'intact' looks they had going on.

"The bully's right here." Meissa thumped her chest with her fist. Right as her fist hit her chest, however, the PA system crackled to life, calling all away crew.

"Damn. And no shower either. Still got energy left for this?"

"Well yeah I always have energy! Hmmp!" She crossed her arms like Meissa had somehow insulted her with that question, looking slightly grumpy for a moment before nodding to the exit. "Allright come on bully, we cn get showers later we've got, more pirates to shoot at! probably." With that she ceased her leaning upon Meissa and started heading off to the PA bay, her tail and hips both doing the signiature swish that Yoshida seemed to have utterly mastered, standing on her tip toes all the while as she walked. "Don't want to be late do we?!"

"Well, last time I had the water turned off on me while I was showering." Meissa says to Yoshida.

They wandered into the power armor bay as a pair, their hair everywhere, slightly sweaty, and maybe a little red in the face and puffy. It certainly appeared as if some private activity of a sort had taken place just before the call for the away team was made.
YSS Kaiyō
17日 1月 YE 39
1301 Hours

Despite her bubbly personality and numerous attempts to get others to play boardgames with her, she was very serious about one thing, her work out. She had made sure to work up a good sweat every day she was on the ship, but this time was special. She had gotten some holo-chamber time for herself and used it to simulate an olympic pool and spent her time swimming happily. Things did not go as planned for her however, in the middle of her reserved time, the MEGAMI of the ship gave a notice for individuals to prepare for combat, and Ume was on the list. It was good that the captain was not there to see the puppy eyes and quivering lower lip or Ume might have been considered as not dedicated to the job.

Despite her want to continue swimming though she got out of the water, the benefit of holographic water was that once the simulation ended the water disappeared too so she did not need to dry off. However, skinny dipping game with other problems, she had to put her clothes back on...but it was an emergency situation, well at least that was what she would tell everyone, so she got dressed in just her undergarments and a bit T-shirt, pputting the rest of her clothes in a bag and bounded down the halls in the direction of the power armor bay.
YSS Kaiyō
Fabrication Area
17日 1月 YE 39
1301 Hours

Upon receiving the call to assemble with the away team, Carter dropped the simulation he'd been running on the fabrication computer, and ran to the Power Armor Bay. He arrived shortly before the rest of the team, and quickly set up a maintenance double check on the armor, making sure that all modules were properly installed, and that all weapons were locked and loaded. With that duty taken care of, he entered his Mindy, ran a systems check, and awaited the rest of his squad.

He paced back and forth across the room as he waited, working through a nasty case of pre-mission jitters. "Stay calm." He thought to himself "It may be a false alarm, but if it isn't, this is what you prepared for. You and your squad trained for this."

When Ume entered the Power Armor Bay she was greeted by the sight of her cabin-mate pacing, already suited up. Carter looked up at the Neko, helmet hiding a small grin. He gave a slightly nervous sounding chuckle, and said "Looks like you got interrupted in the middle of something."
Power Armor Bay

Anastasia made it to the bay soon after Ume, not saying a word until she arrived at her armor. She looked nervous.

Her armor was a bit more customized in its gear than some others, sporting a Ke-M2-W2913 Submachine Gun mounted to its left shoulder, as well as a handheld Ke-M2-W2901 Aether Beam Saber-Rifle clipped to its left hip. She might be left handed. In addition, the suit comes perfectly fitted with mechanical wings to cover her own, and a dorsal manipulator arm. Perks of being a technician.

She gave a quick run down of the armor, making sure her weapons are loaded with spare clips at the hip, and all systems are operational. She began suiting up immediately after, looking around for Yoshida.
YSS Kaiyō

"You called?" Sakamoto entered the bridge, her tail held aloft like a question mark in the air.

She had been in the wardroom, reading away at a book while thinking about what had happened. Following the first debriefing, the Jiyuuian became quick drinking buddies with the pirates in hopes of potentially prying a little more out of them, complaining to the lot about the officer-worker style trust exercises as they in turn griped on about how crummy their food was back on their old ships and such, but now that they were gone? There was nobody she could really just talk to about these things. At least, not yet. For now though, the woman simply had to be content with her job.
"Alright, let's get this party started." Meissa gives her boarding buddies a thumbs up as she walks over to her power armor, kind of slumps on the shoulders, and enters it. She makes sure her explosives are there, as well as her very useful Aether Beam Saber-Rifle, giving it a nice little pat.
"All systems operational. Let's pray for two things. One, for my comms to not get blown out in the first two minutes of this op. Two, plenty of things to murder."
YSS Kaiyō
Fabrication Area
17日 1月 YE 39
1301 Hours

Yoshida, finally suited up and, mostly no longer noteable as having been rather disheveled looking with the newly discovered benefit of 'camouflages poor fashion choices', a new reason to the ever growing list of why yoshida felt she should always wear a mindy. After doing some quick tests, moving around, checkign sensors and comms, and even a short test flight, she located Anastashia in armor and grinned. One short, somehwat stealthy walk later, she gave her a suprise pat on the shoulder, a difficult thing to do when patting one a whole foot taller than you. "Hey! All suited up this time huh? Don't worry we'll keep you covered!" Yoshida then looked over and gave a very enthuesiastic thumbs up to meissa in response to what seemed to be her version of a rousing speach.

"Joto Heisho Mitsuko!" Taii Eden said to Boss. "Have her lead the away team!"

The MEGAMI set to work pinging Murakami Mitsuko to arrive at the power armor bay to prepare those already there.

"Sakamoto," the captain said to the approaching SAINT agent. "What would you do if you saw this?" She pointed to the screen where an ominous readout could be seen. "I think it's a shuttle of some unknown origin. Not pirates for you to get drunk with this time. No, the potential is far more great than that."
Cargo Bay

Thankfully, things had been quiet for a whole two weeks now. The pirates taking up space in Medical had finally been offloaded. The small fleet was well stocked, the Kaiyo was operating at peak efficiency, and everything on board was in its proper place. As Mitsuko finished her brief post-lunch walkthrough of the small maze of cargo containers, she froze up, realizing what this meant. Everything going right meant something would inevitably go wrong. Her shoulders slumped at the announcement relayed to her by the ship's MEGAMI, the Neko letting out a resigned sighed.

Power Armor Bay

Murakami had recovered her composure by the time she entered the PA Bay, finding most of the crew members assigned to this task already present. "Incongruous readings have been detected along our current path. I have not been otherwise informed of any details of our task or any possible threats." She adjusted her glasses, as the plump Neko looked over the soldiers already armoring up. "Dynamis-Hei, Barlow-Hei, while we have the time, please oversee a round of standard diagnostics on the Away Team's armors to ensure everything is operating within the designated acceptable thresholds." Mitsuko nodded at the two she'd picked out, not moving towards her own suit yet.

"Unless we obtain further information before being ordered to deploy, I recommend selecting a balanced loadout, emphasizing that we should be prepared for anything." She glanced over the small crowd readying their armors, frowning for a moment before looking vaguely up towards the ceiling.

"MEGAMI...Um...Boss..." She still wasn't quite used to that name. Charisma had been a much more proper name for a ship's MEGAMI, in her opinion. Maybe she had been spoiled, since Charisma had been active for much longer than the Kaiyo's MEGAMI. "Please alert Navian-Hei, Shinomori-Hei and Maki-Hei once more to report to the Power Armor Bay." She turned towards the main entrance and placed her hands on her hips. "If they continue to lag behind, please helpfully display the quickest route for them." She was already pulling up the official Star Army regulations related to tardiness as she waited for the last few crew members to join them, resisting the urge to begin tapping her foot.

"Umm," Asuka initially hedged. "It's an unknown craft the size of an average shuttle, alright, but the emissions spectra are nothing special. We're not in visual range, but from here it looks like one of the most ordinary ships I've ever seen!" She still felt she could be excited about that, though she wasn't exactly rife with anticipation. "What sort of potential do you think it has?"

Power Armour Bay

Like most Star Army Infantry, Navian didn't have much to do in her downtime but train, and no end of training to do. Unlike most, she'd been trained and served first as light infantry, and this was the first time she'd ever been on an assignment with powered armour. Aside from having some catching up to do, this also meant her old habits didn't fit in well with the Kaiyo's training facilities. It wasn't a place where she could easily practice her aerobatics, survival skills, and flight endurance, and in any case these skills weren't in high demand.

What she needed to do most was familiarize herself with new equipment, and for that, she spent most of her time in the power armour bay when not in her quarters. Not having been reassigned, she still had the Leader Support Pack she'd equipped previously, and getting to know the AI of its CIES system was a major part of 'equipment familiarization' in this case. So it was, she found herself already on the floor in the power armour bay when the call went out, though she still found herself slow to respond.

The culture of the Kaiyo's crew, which Navian could only think of as 'lax', no matter what other word could be used to describe it, had cast a spell over her, it seemed, and it took a conscious effort to notice this, give herself the discipline that was lacking--a couple knuckles to her own jaw helped a bit--and struggle to her feet. Once she had, she shook off the last elements of lethargy, and put her armour kit back together with some trace of the efficiency she had shown aboard the shuttle with Kyo and Fyodor more than a month earlier. Once she was back in form, she addressed the others as she worked, though she remained very conscious of having neglected her drills.

"We've encountered what looks like a standard shuttle, though it doesn't match known models or manufacturers. This is a potential first contact situation, and if it isn't, we might still have some interesting questions to ask. This does not look like a combat situation as yet. Still, first contact and asking questions alike can go wrong at times, so we must be ready."

The line 'but we probably won't deploy' hung in the air after her words, unsaid, yet still felt.
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YSS Kaiyō

"Ara," she began to look upon the picture. "What I'd do if I saw this?" Sakamoto pondered aloud, a single finger coming to rest upon her lip in thought. "Well, I'd wonder where it was going - shuttles are always coming from or going somewhere after all," the Ex-Jiyuuian woman pointed out. "If someone hasn't already, plotting its course and trajectory would be a very good idea," she smiled, wiggling her feline ears. "Of course, as always, any markings or symbols on the hull would help too, assuming it's registered or in our ship-watching books." The Star Army was always keeping an eye out for ships, logging them and their details.

Chances were, if it was sighted at some point in time, they might get lucky and get a hit.

"Besides that, you could always scramble interceptors...or just try asking it, if you haven't already," Sakamoto pleasantly suggested.

"I don't know about markings, but the engines and power systems just yell out 'independent manufacturers'," Asuka replied. "We'll get to see them soon enough, at this rate! It looks like they're moving to intercept us. I don't think it's anybody we know."
Power Armor Bay

Anastasia was papped, and looked down at the shorty Yoshida, still not having donned her helmet. She gives a nervous half-smile, having never been deployed on an actual mission before. She uncomfortably slotted her wings into the built-in holders, shifting around until it felt comfortable for her.

Anastasia stood still and listened to Mitsuko patiently and respectfully. Upon being called, she responded with a hush-toned "Yes ma'am", before donning her helmet and closing her armor. She ran an internal systems check, floating gently off the rack onto the floor to get her bearings again. She began walking with powerful steps across the bay, checking the armor of the late crew.
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PA Bay

This was going to be Mat's first away mission. He rushed down to the power armor bay to suit up and meet his fellow infantry. He walked over to the power armor rack in which his custom fit Mindy was stored. It was set up with a loadout of a NSB launcher, which settled in the small of his back, and a countermeasure kit loaded with subspace detonating mini missiles. For offensive weaponry he sported only one piecee of kit, an Aether-Scalar SMG with the Aether-saber bayonet and a single extra battery on his hip. He planned to use that for ship cutting or melee combat if it came to that.

Now all suited and geared up, Mat turned to look at his fellow infantry, and decided to introduce himself. Never mind that his outgoing attitude hadn't always served him well back in school, these were new people, in a new setting.

"Hey there everyone. My name's Matsuvo Shinomori, its nice to meet you all."
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Power Armor Bay

It took Ume a moment to realize that the person speaking to her was her roommate Carter, but when she did realize she had a big smile on her face. "Carter!" She nearly cheered, but realized he had asked a question so she needed to answer. "I was swimming but I didn't have anything on, and putting on the whole uniform takes time so I just put this on and came here." She looked proud of herself for a moment but her facial expressions so easily showed that she quickly realized something that she was not so proud of.

"I still have to put my suit on..." She looked like she was about to frown but instead smiled. "But I have this!" She dug in her bag briefly and pulled out a type 22 body suit. "I didn't have one of these last time." And then before Carter could say anything the purple neko ducked around a corner where no one could see her. Moments later a shirt was tossed on the floor in view, then moments later a bra, and bikini bottoms after that. There was a moment of silence and then the purple neko stepped out wearing her body suit with a big smile. "It fits."
Meissa watches the corner as Ume chucks her clothes past, a face of mild confusion and amusement.
"Okay then...so I guess we're just waiting until the big-heads yell at us."
Power Armor Bay

Yoshida grinned and shook her head at Anastashia as she said "Don't worry, you have an entire team of Yamatai' finest watching your back!" Anastashia could practically feel the unending enthuesiasm radiating outwards from yoshida even through the suit, all of her typical mannerisms were there even as she did her best to cheer her friend up. She then gestured to the others in the room, including the new one identifying himself as Matsuvo. Of course it was likely a less than reaccuring scene, there was one tossing her clothes away as she hid behind a corner changing, several others staring, and a clear mix of disipline throughout the group going by stances alone.

But of course, Yoshida let Anastashia go and do her rounds, and listened to the insight from both Navian and Murakami, whom she both respected as skilled comrades, and technically if she recaled correctly, both were her superiors despite Navian being the same rank. She did pay some extra attention to the now bodysuited Ume, and the newbie 'Mat', for very different reasons, but both becuase they were at least slightly interesting. Maybe one a little more than the other, yoshida thought to herself as she scanned ume in her body suit for a moment, before turning away and stretched along side her armor this time. "Well, I for one hope that we get to meet some new, maybe freidnly aliens, but meeting new hostile ones is fine too."
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