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RP: YSS Kaiyō [YSS Kaiyō] Ni

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"A shuttle trying to.... Intercept us. It's not some trick, filled with explosives right?" There's a small, nearly undetectable quiver to her voice, but she goes silent afterwards, especially after she noticed the SAINT agent had entered the nook.
Navian stops cold for a moment to query after that, relaxing a bit as she receives a response. "Life signs data indicate it's fully crewed, so..." Not likely, she wanted to say, but then, who ever knew with alien species? "...possibly, if only because we have no idea what we're dealing with."
YSS Kaiyō

"They're moving to intercept us?" Teien Eden clarified. "That can't be good."

The squadron leader Catherine Ross' face filled the screen on the front wall of the bridge and she said to the Taii, "I want you to make a call, Taii Teien Eden. Your crew got us through this last fight with superb excellence and it was your ship that led us to victory."

"Hai!" Eden replied, "Thank you, Taisa."

Taisa Catherine Ross went on, "The other three plumeria will hang back in case more ships arrive, but this shuttle is yours to take on."

When the screen went back to the hinomaru of the Star Army, Eden changed it over to the readout they were getting of the shuttle, instead, with a few swiped at her console.

She turned to her first officer, "Saki, I would like to know what you would do in this situation."

Power Armor Bay

Boss said over comms to the away team, "On standby, awaiting captain's orders."
YSS Kaiyo

Misaki had been silent up until this point, preparing for the situation. Her gazed continued to shift around the bridge as the others spoke, before looking at the screen for a while. She heard her name called and seemed to jump, she still wasn't used to it. She looked to the Taii and smiled reassuringly, "I would drop from FTL, ready weapons and launch the Power Armors. If they are hostile, we are ready. If not, we have the power to investigate."

She looked into the Taii's eyes and gave a more detailed thought through Neko telepathy, "Even still, something is off about it. Unless it is literally our shuttle coming back unannounced or the Kuvexians are moving the front line."
"What's the bridge even seeing, anyways?" Meissa asks Boss. She impatiently twirled her SiZi around her finger, waiting for the order to deploy or dismount. Either option would be...fine, she supposed. At least the safety's on, so no one has to duck. Still, lack of details sucked.
YSS Kaiyō

"Get us out of FTL right when we'll be on top of them, Santo Hei Ito Arnbjorg!" Eden said to the pilot, taking Saki's advice. "Nito Hei Arbitrated, ready weapons systems."

Something tells me this isn't either of those things, Eden told Saki telepathically as she looked into the XO's violet eyes. The Kuvexians have the Rixxikor do a lot of the fighting for them. We may be up against them.

Ito Arnbjorg brought them out of FTL at just the right time and they were 40,000 kilometers from the shuttle.

"There's are little in the way of markings on the ship, are there, Asuka? It looks like some stripes on the two elongated wings. It has a basic shape, rectangular with curved edges--" She was cut off by seeing that he shuttle had stopped its progression towards the squadron and that power armor began to filter out of it. "Wait! What's that, Asuka? Are you seeing this?"

Get our away team over there before they have a chance to get to us! Eden telepathically said to the MEGAMI, opting for the speediest route of communication.

"I'm sending in the away team," is all that she told the bridge.

YSS Kaiyō
Power Armor Bay

"The Captain has issued orders to depart!" Boss said urgently. "There are twenty unidentified power armor coming out of the shuttle. You are to treat them as hostile until otherwise stated. Taking command of the pilot and shuttle is of utmost priority."

"I believe in you, team!" Taii Eden said quickly over comms to them. One of the doors of the power armor bay was open to space, ready for the team to jump out at will, to combat the enemy.
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"Primary weapons on-line, secondaries have been ready for two minutes. Should I engage, Taii Eden?" The mobilization of the away team, which had attracted her attention in an unsurprising manner, has led her to believe that this encounter won't be as dodgy as the previous one when it came to determining the status of the new contact. Of course, when one unknown contact becomes over a dozen that tends to reveal less-than-friendly intentions...
Power Armour Bay

Navian fastened her armour, shut her eyes and frowned briefly, then launched off the racks, snatched an Aether Beam Saber-Rifle, and launched out into space, moving ahead of the Kaiyo, toward the approaching contacts. She contacted the rest of her team to say, "Let's form up. We don't have orders to engage, but let's call it a strong suggestion. This doesn't look like a friendly meeting."


"Yes! They're sending their armours out, just like us! Are we going to shake hands?" Asuka remained hopeful. "It looks like they have wings, too."
Power Armor Bay

Anastasia looked out into the depths of space through the open airlock at the end of the bay, still. After a few moments of breathing, she heard the call through her communicator, and shook herself back into action. She took a few steps before jumping and activating her boosters, flying towards and out of the airlock to follow Navian. "I follow."

Catching up to Navian, Anastasia took a moment to admire her surroundings. She hadn't been outside of the ship at all since they launched, and felt oddly at peace, despite still thinking about the mission at hand. She flipped herself back over to get her bearings, slowing down when in form diagonally behind Navian.
"Any specific formation? Standing by, 500 meters from airlock." Meissa asked Navian. Her deadly Aether Beam, having killed more than its fair share of pirates, is cradled against her chest as she shoots out of the airlock. She stopped at a perfect 500 meters away, watching the enemy suits for incoming threats.

As the bridge team ponders exactly what the shuttle can mean, Meissa also wonders exactly what it is. "Isn't there some kind of thing out there that lets ships serve as beacons to FTL jump to? Like, we have a bunch of Aether guns, with ship guns to back us up. I trust our gunner's dead-eye." She shrugs. "Eh. Call me paranoid but it shouts 'trap.' Maybe it's a scout and they're relaying information back to what head they have."
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YSS Kaiyō

"How odd," the black clad Neko commented. A hand resting on her hip in puzzlement, she added, "An attack like this with power armor is tantamount to suicide. If they don't have anything else up their sleeves, they're a bunch of fools." She usually expected their foes to have some sort of thought in their heads. "Perhaps a sensor sweep of the area would help? Surely there must be more than meets the eye," the woman suggested. Thinking back to the old days, a time when she was the captain of her own ship, Sakamoto simply would have burned away and left them in her dust or open fire with whatever heavy weapons were on hand. Sometimes both. But now?

"Ara, ara," she smiled at Eden, her words tickling the young woman's ears. "You're looking for prisoners, aren't you? Otherwise, you'd just have vaporized them and called it a day, yes?"

Sakamoto's tail, held high, gently swayed with anticipation.
YSS Kaiyō
Power Armor Bay

"Well looks like your question has been awsnered Meissa!" Yoshida grinned under her helmet, and gave Anastashia another pat on the back, as she stared out into the open bay door for just a moment, at the endless void. She waited only a moment, as both navian and Antashia rushed past her. "Allright! I've got your backs!" She took off like a rocket, and stuck nnear navian and antashia like a very enthusiastic nodal support bit.
"Well. One of my questions have been answered. But now I have more questions."
Those questions will, in fact, probably be answered as Meissa hovered, not moving relative to the ship. She gave Yoshida a wave as the Neko rocketed past, like some cat souped up on a sugar high. Wait, that's just normal Yoshida.
Carter leapt into action when the call came to disembark, flying out of the open power armor bay. "Forming up" he said as he approached the rest of the squad, his voice not betraying the nervousness that he'd been showing in the moments preceding the departure. He deployed his suit's NSBs and drew his LASR as they approached the anomalies, steeling himself for the combat that was likely immenent.
Power Armor Bay

Mitsuko jumped slightly as she heard Navian speaking up from behind her. When had she snuck in? And how did she know what was happening outside already? The Neko turned towards her and opened her mouth to ask these questions, letting out a soft squeak instead as Matsuvo rushed right past her once she'd turned her back to the room's entrance. Was their Medic also going to attempt to slip in when she wasn't looking?

After recovering, Murakami turned towards her own armor and begin to wedge herself inside, preparing it for action. Although she did not seem anywhere near as eager for it as most of the newer crew members. She began running her own standard diagnostics, watching as Anastasia began to move between the other armored soldiers, ensuring their suits were ready for deployment. Carter, however, seemed to be ignoring her...she began to move towards him, before the MEGAMI and their Captain spoke up with their orders, causing her to hesitate for a moment. Before she knew it, the two Technicians were already rushing off, most of the others hurrying out as well.

Between Kaiyo and Unidentified Shuttle

"Move to intercept, but do not fire unless fired upon. Or if they attempt to maneuver past us, towards the Kaiyo. Spread out and cover as much space as possible, even if we can't communicate with them, they should understand what a wall of soldiers in their path means." Mitsuko hurried to catch up to the group, rather worried about some of the more eager and trigger happy crew members.

"You have tried to communicate with them, right, Teien-Taii?" She sent this back to the Bridge privately, assuming her position in the formation while anxiously watching the alien armors approach...

"Line formation, then," Navian suggested. "Two rows, staggered, one rank, and three columns." She positioned herself between the Kaiyo and the approaching power armours as the center of the bottom row, watched the foes for their maneuvers, and further advised, "Be careful. This may be a nice gesture, but it makes us easy targets. I suggest we form a delta and move if they open fire." Her CIES flashed a few one-second clips of likely scenarios over the tactical network to help prepare the others.
YSS Kaiyō

"Taisa!" Eden asked, "Have we tried to gain contact with this vessel?"

Catherine Ross responded, "Yes, and there was no response."

"Thank you," Eden replied, then spoke to Mitsuko. "Yes, we have tried to establish communication, to no avail. Hold steady!"


As she said this, the enemy power armor moved in a V formation, one much like Navian's suggestion, and spearheaded towards the center of the still forming line of Star Army power armor. The enemy in the middle, at the forefront of the onslaught, let their machine guns and aether rifles pulse out towards the away team. Those on the wings of the formation continued to plow forward as they had not grabbed their handhelds from their hardpoints, but instead, they held out their forearms and were ready to shoot their cannons.

"Oh no! They're not friendly, and they're well-armed. Someone's been giving them weapons, I think. Maybe someone who told them to point them at us?" Asuka had shifted back to trying to impress Sakamoto, now that it seemed her role wasn't very central to the engagement anymore.

Space Battle

Navian darted forward and dove under the approaching formation as soon as she saw their weapons were out and firing, focusing fire from her Aetheric Pulse Cannon on the pointman at the head of those incoming, though she held out her beam-saber, awaiting a target of opportunity, meanwhile. "Break them, rout them. We needn't destroy them. Remember, the shuttle and its pilot are our first priority."
Meissa, the moment she saw the first bullet fly, fired up her Aether Beam. She commands her NSBs to deploy, as well as offhanding her SiZi. Her first move was to swing that delicious handheld Death Ray through the nearest enemy she saw, while shooting a SiZi pulse at that same enemy to both kite the enemy formation, as well as add a little extra damage on top. Her NSBs swirl around her body, firing, then moving behind her to reload in a hexagon of drone-induced death.
It's a good day to be blowing up things.
Mat was in formation with the rest of the infantry. When the enemy started to open fire he supported his NSBs and set them to fire as a group at the enemy. While they augmented his firepower as they buzzed around him, he took aim with his Aether-Scalar SMG and opened fire in short bursts onto the enemy. He would rather be in close, where he could fire and dispatch his foes more accurately, but he had his orders.
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