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RP: YSS Kaiyō [YSS Kaiyō] Ni

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Meissa whirled around and spotted the retreating armors. Perfect.
"Nashira to bridge, Nashira to bridge. I can't get a lock on the unidentified shooter. The enemy armors are retreating, requesting PD heavy fire support in engagement against enemy. Maximizing personal firepower."
She switches her shield to the Energy Cloak...and turns off her guns.
Clear lines of fire, maximize enemy massive impact. As a personal note she drew red lines from the Kaiyo's PD turret to each retreating armor, then adding 2.5 degrees deviation in the shape of a red cone around them.
Alright, step one. She changed her teleport location to a fair distance aside from the armor group's flight path.
Step two. Working quickly, she pulls her plastic explosive off her utility belt. "Work your beautiful magic, you glorious bastard," she whispers to a clearly inanimate block of military-grade boom supply.
Step three. She removed the part that made things go kabloom from her shoulder-mounted rocket pod. Making quick haste, she stuck a little chunk of plastic explosive to each missile she detached.
Detonators in, ETA calculated. Step four. She scattered her new, improvised landmines across a small region of space, albeit in the way of the enemy retreat formation, teleported to the side of the flight path, marked the explosion radius on her HUD, and waited.
If there's one good thing that a hostile is good for, it's the way that they die.
As if he was in deep thought, the green clad man jerked back to the real world as Eden mentioned the strange sound and the need for translation. With a quick scratch for the back of his head, Mochi called up the live feed of the comms while fine-tuning the ongoing recording. 'Hmm I prefer the "cutty pokey" side of things than the "talky speaky". Guess I'm the best choice though.' the Juni's thoughts would meander for a second, then he would close his eyes as he listened.

'Clacking. Braying.. No.. Cheeping? That can't be right.' The patterns and connections that normally showed in any language eluded him completely, it was unlike anything he had heard before. Giving up, the blonde just listened to the clacking for a few more moments. Without looking up, "Taii, whatever's making that sound.. I don't know.. it's not made with a tongue, maybe mandibles or a bea-"

This was the point all hell seemed to break loose outside, causing Sein to pause and allow the situation to be handled by their Taii. Confident that there was nothing more he could learn from the garbled transmissions from their now fleeing enemies, he returned to watching the feeds of the away team.

She watched as her shots struck, the first shattered the shuttle canopy, the second bored a large hole through the pilot. The shuttle did not move, firmly held by the gunship's graviton beams. A slight smile twitched the corners of her lips as she noted one of the Yamataian power armored soldiers panic and run in reaction to her shot.

Now she needed to get to the shuttle and get the navigational computer memorybank and get the hell out before things got to dicy.

Checking her sensors, she noted the flight paths of the Mindy PA's and enemy armors moving about the shuttle, plotting herself a course in. Already she was on the move, as with any good sharpshooter, relocating immediatly after taking her shot to avoid counter fire via brief bursts from her reaction thrusters.

Then a voice crackled over an open broadcast channel directed at her.

"Come in! This is NG-X1 440 of the sixth squadron, a Star Army of Yamatai vessel! State your intent!"

She hesitated a moment as the Yamataian voice sounded in her helmet. It had been years since she had encountered one of them, and even though this was just a voice comm, she was surprised at the sudden anger and hatred she felt towards this unknown that welled up deep inside her.

"Stay out of my way, Yamatai!" she hissed in return. She knew it was the programming implanted in her deepest base code by her vile creators that caused it, but this hatred ran so deep, was so manifestly intigrared into what she had been created for, that she could not control it.

Memories og her last encounter with a Yamataian neko flashed through her mind's eye, she remembered how she had beat down the enemy ground armor, a Daisy, she thought, wrenched it's protective shell open and forcably removed the struggling pilot. The battle had been a mess, an ugly mess, and this particular enemy soldier had killed two of her sisters and crippled her own Reaper minutes before.

Even as her own armor had been wrecked around her, she had scored a crippling blow in return, which had brought the hated enemy down to ground.

She'd had to jettjson her Reaper to be able to move, to get at the enemy, but when she had, when she had ripped the armor open with her bsre hands, the hot, sharp metal cutting into and burning her flesh, she had exacted her revenge upon the pilot.

She remembered the feeling of bones breaking undee her bloodied knuckles, the screams and the final wet snap of a neck breaking...

She shook her head, trying to push the old memory from her mind, to clear her thoughts and found that she was charging forward, her reaper at full military power as she bored in on the shuttle, her objective, her impaler rifle blazing away as she blasted at the alien power armors that fled for their small ship in a vain attempt to get away and anyone else who goin her way.

One of the Yamataian Mindy's was deploying what looked like mines, she aimed her rifle and sent a warning volley in it's direction to discourage the action and adjusted her own flight path to intercept the shuttle directly.

She wasn't sure if she had actually fired directly on the Yamataian soldiers or not in her brief lapse, she did not have time to check how long she'd let her anger take over. She knew either wsy, there was going to be trouble.

She slammed into the shuttle's wrecked canopy, smashing in what was left of it and making herself a new way into the small ship. There was a new armored pilot working the controls and she jammed the muzzel of her impaler rifle against it's chestplate and fired enough shots, she thought, to be sufficiant to blast through the armor and occupant alike, then she swung thd rifle up and fired into the main compartment to discourage anyone else in there from coming forward as she looked for the computer memorybanks.

Navian's foe pitted strength against strength, attempting no tricks, even though with her armour, she had the advantage. She leaned in and pressed her helmet against the beak-like protrusion of her enemy's armour, pushing harder to pry their head out of alignment, her shoulder-mount creeping closer, inch by inch, to having a shot at it, which while not the most fatal location to shoot still surely induced him to strain away. Meanwhile, she watched him try to force his own aether saber up toward her face as well, though the blade was too long to clear itself over hers, and the upward movement weakened the lock he held against it, giving her a chance to press the advantage, at some risk.

She brought up her knee to strike it into his gut and groin. In return for the strikes, he half-heartedly clawed at her legs with his toes, as if in reflex. There were no weapons in those claws, not even sharpened edges, and after this gesture proved ineffective, he only grasped on to her leg with his feet, to hinder her kicks. With her other leg still free, Navian twisted a moment to bring up her other knee. This time, she struck the hilt of her own aether saber, with it. As their blades twisted and shed sparks, she released her grip on her foe's head, to seize the hilt of her foe's saber, just as a blow from the knuckledusters on her enemy's right smacked her helmet and knocked down her shields. She felt searing pain in her thigh, as his blade cut into her leg before she could retract it.

His counterattack had come a bit late, though. With their blades no longer locked and Navian's hand on his own, his feet grasping onto her lower leg inadvertently provided a more than adequate fulcrum point for Navian to leverage his head directly into the reach of her aetheric pulse cannon. Not merely grazing his beak, at least one blast struck the armour directly in one of its glowing red eyes, which was blinded immediately. Seemingly immune to pain, he spun his saber wildly while struggling to compensate for being unable to see on his weapon side. Navian narrowly parried a cut that might have taken her ear off, dodged a slash to her wing, and swung her saber down with a terrible overhand slash that tore through the armour's side near the waist, as he moved to retreat, behind his companions.

More shots from her pulse cannon seared through his wing armour as he tried to escape. He rolled over and turned back toward her, attempting a minimal profile stance, as if riding an elevator up straight away from her, turned slightly to use his good eye, and returned fire with his right forearm cannon, shots flying far too quickly to dodge, but in erratic sweeps that mostly stuck her spread wings. After only one of her next spray of shots hit him, and rather uselessly in the foot, Navian decided to pull out, as well, aiming to come back at her wounded foe from another direction.

Little did they know, both of them were running out of time.

YSS Kaiyo, Bridge

"Uhhh, so about all that stuff you mentioned, Juni-sama?" Asuka leaned far over her console, poking frenetically at the display of the shuttle's emissions spectra that she'd just pulled up. "The shuttle's power plant is doing something really weird. And by weird, I mean, it's like someone decided to--"

The point she was making was clear long before she managed to get to it. Boss interjected. "They've activated a self-destruct sequence. Less than ten seconds remain."
Well. Great. Meissa had half a mind to blow up that unknown as well. As it stood Meissa was allowed to fire on the unknown...
Just pull the trigger, Meissa. Pull it once and that asshole's dead. No one will complain. The unknown was marked as hostile and fired on you.
Whoever that was screwed with the perfect trap and wasted perfectly good explosives. Such a good trap that your instructors would have been so proud of you, just blowing a whole squadron of armors to dust.
And not only that, but this motherfucker just seems to think oh-SO-HIGHLY OF HERSELF. Meissa was never that much of a Yamatai fanatic, but oh what the hell.
Fuck whoever this is. Fuck her with a ten-foot long red-hot pole. Now she understood the underhand dislike of third parties entering combat in general.
You know what, screw whatever that guy wants. Whoever that is can go roast under the gaze of a laser cannon for all Meissa cared. She's pulling this trap off. She deployed the remainder of her improvised mines in the timespan it takes for the armor to fly into the shuttle.
"Unknown...sighted and identified." She gritted her teeth. "Hijacked enemy shuttle." And ruined her perfectly good mine trap as well. And took her enemy ship capture medal right from under her nose. And shot at her. And. And. And.
Fuck everything, she's getting a drink after this.
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"Heads up! They're going straight for the shuttle!" Startled by the sudden appearance, and subsequent verbal aggression, of the unknown 'enemy?', Shan turned a secondary turret to track the armor, not yet firing as per the Taii's orders seemingly hours before. A report about a self-destruct sequence being initiated, had her considering moving the gravity beam to, effectively, throw the ship away tangent to the Kaiyo. She thought about a lot of things, actually. Rather than acting she watches tensely, her right wing twitching occasionally showing she's gotten wound up and tense again. If anyone hasn't learned it by now, it'd be getting fairly obvious that wings are a huge tell for body language and moods in Elysians. "Taii Eden, any commands?" The smol asks out, afraid for the risk of damage from the explosion but also unsure what the commanding neko wanted from this.
Space- The Final Frontier

Yoshida stopped her attack, very briefly any way as the enemy team seemed to retreat. She kept a stern eye on the shuttle and the armors, even raising her LASR to fire a few hail mary shots all the way to the enemy PA messing with the panel in the distance. She also used one NSB to look back and do a status check on Anastashia. "Are you doing allright back there?"

She also, had been keeping a keen eye on the shuttle and its surrounding space, and it piqued her intrest when she spotted some unwarranted bullets coming from a not entirely expected direction, along side some thruster emissions. To yoshida, at least, the enemy was no longer entirely hidden. She was about to point it out and mark it, but was beat to the punch by Meissa. "Yeah, unknown sniper has..." She tracked it for a moment longer, almost wincing as it mashed into the ship. "... entered the enemy vessal."

Only now, as she had the time to scan the battleground did she note that there were others still in combat and in need of assistance. Notably, Navian in what looked to be a swordfight. She turned and unleashed her blade projector, and looked for a chance to strike as she approached, the brilliant white blue completely obvious to all who cared to watch, even giving Navian a short coded message, letting her know she was about to get backup, or a very attentive observer if honor duels were more her thing. "You think you got this?"
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YSS Kaiyō

"Get out of there, away team!" Eden yelled into comms to her team as her hands pressed against the command console and she stood. "I repeat, retreat to the ship, immediately!"

"Shan! Push the shuttle away from them!"

She had to choose her words wisely and was communicating as quickly as Neko possibly could with such a diverse group.

To the NMX Neko, she shouted, "You're done for in there!"


The enemies filtered away from the battle quickly, but not efficiently as some of them burst out in grandiose explosions as they hit Meissa's plastic laced missile surprises. Navian's opponent tumbled down and away from her, performing an aerial dive before slipping away from her and to the shuttle. The enemies continued to shoot at them, though their shots would be the last they ever took.


The Reaper was intimidating, but not so much so that the enemy power armored foes subsided from jamming into the shuttle. Those that hadn't blown up in the minefield flooded in and, surprisingly, did nothing to the Reaper. They knew what was coming, they weren't concerned. She was locked out of the systems and the only thing she could decipher was a countdown of sorts.
Meissa whooped her victory cries as she burned away from that oh-so-sweet trap she just set off. Wasn't nearly as satisfying as blowing up all the armors, but...it'll do. The plans for her rum ration went to a celebratory drink instead of an angry one.
"Anyone got a kill count? Anyone?" she shouted over comms as she returns to bay, flying as quickly as she could away from the shuttle's self-destruct.
As she approached a nice safe distance, two birds were flipped: One was her body as she turned around, and the other one was her finger.
Anastasia, having taken a more evasive strategy to prevent more damage to her armor, stopped to look at the destruction and explosions surrounding the shuttle from Melissa's traps. She was zoned out for a few seconds, responding to Yoshida a little late. "Yeah, yeah."

She turned to face her comrade, flying back into position. She had a feeling that the battle may be waning, letting her guns cool.

"I could use--" Navian cut herself off, and said to Yoshida, "Let's move to f--" before being cut off again, by Eden this time. "Nevermind." She turned back toward her foe, firing two more pulses to distract him, and then flung herself back toward the Kaiyo, drifting through the gap between the two ships, opposite her foe.
Carter's reaction to the sudden incursion by an unknown sniper bordered on panic, arms jerking to face the direction of the shot. Then he realized what it had just targeted. He listened to the comms chatter regarding the unknown, and decided that, for the time being, the enemy of his enemy was probably best left unantagonized. On receiving the order to withdraw, he promptly complied, raising a solid volumetric barrier facing the enemy shuttle to protect against any potshots, given that his own CFS shields were drained to practically nothing. "Pulling back." He said to his squadmates.

When he saw the enemy power armor disengaging from Navian and retreating, he dropped his photonic barrier, took rapid aim, and nailed the combatant's back with a 3-round Gauss cannon burst. "No you don't." He muttered to himself, raising his LASR and firing a lethal double-tap aimed at the Armor's head. "You're not getting away after that."

Having sufficiently avenged his squad leader, the technician raised his photonic barrier once again and resumed his withdrawal from the soon-to-explode shuttle.
Space- The Final Frontier

The Nito Hei shook her head as Miessa rattled off, sighing in releif a bit as both Navian and Anastasia seemed perfectly intact. "Well, everyone seems fine to me!" She rocketed back along with the others. While she had no issues with putting herself in mortal danger, as she was born for that, her friend suffering the same fate- Anastasia particularly, gave her some serious anxiety. "We'll do better next time though! Too bad we couldn't bring anyone back this time."
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Space - Shuttle interior

This was odd. They were not fighting her. They were not defending themselves. They were not trying to stop her from gaining access to their systems. They were not even trying to get out of the way of her gunfire. They were all cramming into the shuttle, when they should be fleeing. . . It was very odd. Odd enough to make her uncomfortable. She looked down at what was left of the cockpit controls, and while she could not read the alien text on the displays, she did recognize the cycling pattern of a countdown.

The Yamataian voice crackled over the comm again,
"You're done for in there!"
and that confirmed it. She cursed vehemently as she kicked back, shoving herself backwards out the hole she had come in through, kicking her reaper's drives to maximum power and rocketed away from the shuttlecraft as fast as she could. She could hear the drives screaming in protest as she drove herself clear, twisting around and pointing herself away from the shuttle, away from the Yamataian gunship. '

It was time to get the hell out of there.
"The one Kuvexian agent we captured immediately committed suicide rather than remain in our hands. If these are more of their allies, this tactic is not surprising."

Mitsuko was trying to sound composed and clinical as she spoke to the other Star Army soldiers, passing on what little first hand experience she had with a similar situation. Her Mindy retreated along with the others, floating backwards towards the Kaiyo as she kept her sensors locked on the shuttle and fleeing figure for as long as possible. Every extra bit of information they could gain was crucial. Such as the familiar shape of that power armor, as it dropped all pretense of stealth to rocket to safety...
YSS Kaiyō

A bubble of hot flames pushed out of the shuttle before a ring of heat erupted down the midsection of it and expanded out further, decimating the whole of the enemy power armor and small craft. In some respects, the NMX power armor would be included in that destruction, as well, as it got hit with the heat and, due to low functionality over all to begin with in this battle, its engines were destroyed.

"Always explosions with this crew," Eden murmured out loud as she watched the spectacle before her. "You were right, Asuka. I want you to send the samples of speech back to Yamatai. Sakamoto, you'll have a prisoner! Shan, refocus that graviton beam projector to focus in on the Reaper. We might be able to catch the little girl inside, if we're lucky. Nay, if Sakamoto is lucky."

Over comms, she said without an air of gratitude, "Away team! Unsuit! Debriefing in one hour! That goes for the entire ship."

To her science advisor, she said, "Mochi, can you go down and scan everyone after they board? I want to be sure nobody picked up anything odd."
Power Armour Bay

Navian flew back into the Kaiyo with some care, returned her aether saber to its place to recharge, gasped as she unsealed her suit, and staggered out, leaning against the racks, unable to support her weight on her right leg. There were small patches of third-degree burns across her wings, though the extent of them was small; the wound on her leg was as wide across as a tennis ball and had almost reached down to the bone.

"This is Navian-hei, reporting to medical... I'm going to need a crutch." Wobbling on her feet, wings twitching, she remained grasping onto the racks, white-knuckled and gritting her teeth, while waiting for one of the medics to arrive.
Power Armor Bay

Maki Miyako, the medic, was there for Navian, bringing dressings and had a crutch with her.

"This doesn't look good at all," Miya said. "Let's get you sorted out in the med bay. I can also carry you, if you want..."

Seeing that Navian did not to be carried, Miya nodded. "Okay, then, off we go." She held Navian's elbow as the Elysian got comfortable on her crutches.
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Space Battle

She felt the heat of the expanding explosion behind her. Sensors screamed warnings as the fireball reached out for her, coming quicker than her drives could propell her clear.

This was going to hurt. A lot.

She felt a thump on her back, alnost a hammer bloe as the engines, the exaust nozzels the only opening in the reaper's back armor, blew out. She felt a sharp spike of pain as something broke, the heat grew unbearable all around her. This was it, this was how she was going to die...

Blackness took her.

Some time later she came too, slowly, the first thing she had any real sense of was the throbbing pain in her back and the constant beeping of the damage alarm. As her eyes opened, her vision was blurry, but she could make out the red indicators flashing on the reaper's damage indicators. The engines were gone, and there were some other minor damaged systems and a slow aie leak on one seal, other than that, she seemed to be okay.

Loosing the engines would not have been an issue in s land battle, but in space it was an issue. She would have to call for a pickup.

She winced as she tried to move and a sharp pain lanced up her middle. She gave up on that for a moment and brought up the sensors as she waited for the support system to start the pain supressors. She needed to be sure it was safe to call for her pick up. She hoped the Yamataians had left her for dead...
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