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RP: YSS Kaiyō [YSS Kaiyō] Ni

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Space Combat

Anastasia, taking a gut reaction at the incoming bullets, dives down similarly to Navian. She deploys her NSBs, the defensive drones floating around her like a ring. She flips back up out of the dive, checking the distance between her and the armors. Her Saber Rifle is at hand, primed to fire, as is her shoulder mounted SMG, set to stun scalar rounds for now.
Space Combat

Yoshida dived down along with the rest, and let off four of her twenvle NSBs, as she yes also took aim with her LASR, with the help of her suit AI, she plotted out aproxamately where she'd need to aim to intercept ome of the closer targets, letting off bursts of the assault rifle to widdle their sheilds down. She kept her missiles in reserve for the moment. "Let's crack open their shells and see who they really are yeah?!"
YSS Kaiyo

Misaki pulled a small bit of chocolate brown hair over her right shoulder and began twisting it around her fingers, deep in a thought, before looking back to Taii Eden, "We could give them one last chance, wait till they come within range but keep our guard up. For all we know, they don't have our frequencies or don't have the range."

She then gave a small smile, her violet eyes showing that she didn't want bloodshed for the moment, though the opposite remained to be seen. She was thinking of multiple ways to destroy the shuttle before it came even close, but she was in a merciful mood.

Having ducked out of the incoming fire's path, Yoshida, Anastasia, and Navian were the least affected by the aether blasts and machine gun bullets. Meissa's NSB's took a few hits for her, but some pushed past the hexagonal formation and lowered shields on her marginally. As the aether fire plummeted into Mat's Mindy armor, it left a burn mark on the light cornflower blue plate, right next to the hinomaru,

The enemy was not immune to the danger of space combat, though, and sustained impairment to varying degrees from the away team. Mat's SMG hit a few enemy power armor and impacted them with the same amount of fervor the enemy showed, if not more. The shields of several were impacted, but they continued on. Yoshida's assault rifle hit a few as they approached, as did Meissa's form of attacks.

The NSB's deployed by nearly all deteriorated a few enemies' shields even further than those weapons on the bodies of the away team had.

The pointman that Navian focused her cannon fire power on was damaged, the shields on its helmet breaking down in small increments as the cannon pulsed. Their wings fluttered and they pulled back, signaling to the group, and each of them flew upwards, over the line of Star Army fighters.

They were closer to the Kaiyō than ever before, now, and the pointman nodded their head to those to their left and the group detached from their fellow fighters to fly towards the Kaiyō while the rest formed a barrier between the away team and the squadron.

YSS Kaiyō

Teien Eden nodded to Saki. "I see, you may be right. We will not fire upon the shuttle, anyway. I want to see where it will lead us. For now, we have avoided instigating this fight. They have threatened us, not the other way around, and I would like to keep it that way."

As she saw the enemy power armor pushing towards the squadron and past the away team, she shouted, "Boss, set up the rest of infantry to impede boarders!"

"Right away," Boss replied and soon had the rest of infantry deployed just outside of the ship. The bay door closed behind them.

"Sakamoto, work with Asuka to try to get a line of communication open with that shuttle!" Eden asked, an evenness to her voice, though it was raised and demanding, nonetheless.
Space Combat

Yoshida turned around as the group began to fly over them, grinning like mad. "Bombs away- watch your head!" She began firing off her missiles, firing them into the path of the power armor wing swarm, she didn't want them to have even a chance to get onto the kaiyo. In mere moments the space 'above' yoshida was light up with the glorious streams of rockets bursting in air. As she did this she did keep an eye on her hug, noting the positions of her fellow infantry and Antashia especially. She stuck close to antashia as she flew, not wanting the technician to have to repair her own armor, as well as everyone else's when all this was over. "You stay low Antashai, ya hear?"

Meissa blasted her Aether Beam at the enemy for another three pulses, one for suppression, one out of contempt, and one more just for the hell of it and oh hell does she loves her Aether Beam. She stopped using her NSBs as an offensive weapon, instead using them to flush targets into the line of her glorious aetheric doom laser of destruction. Her SiZi is used alongside the NSBs as more of a weapon to corner targets just where she wanted them to be.
"They're coming for the Kaiyo!" she shouts over comms. She didn't move much, however, except for an occasional evasive maneuver. Better stay with the general formation and not die than Braveheart her way towards the ship and probably get focused and killed.

Anastasia dived lower, sticking to the side of Yoshida, with a few meters space between them. "Got it", she responded firmly.

Anastasia set her NSBs to attack, strafing to the side as she brought her Saber Rifle up to her line of sight. She began tracking the movement of the winged opponents with the help of her suit, opening burst support fire from the rifle.
Carter moved upward relative to the attacking power armor in response to the opening volley, picking the same target as Navian and responding in kind with several well-aimed shots from his LASR. When he saw their attempts to maneuver around the Mindy squadron and move towards the Kaiyo, he decided that more decisive action was needed. His voice rang out to his squadmates, measured, but with a definite hint of urgency. "Call your targets and let us focus them down. Don't let them reach the Kaiyo!"

As he spoke, he selected the first unlucky target of the away team's collective wrath, highlighting the offending armor in red on his teammate's AIES. He opened his attack with a Gauss cannon shot aimed at the Armor's chest, following up with several LASR shots. His hope was to soften up the target for the rest of the squad, and already he was preparing to mark the next target.

Navian rolled away into pursuit of the armours leaving the battle, letting her shoulder-mounted cannon aim automatically to hamper the enemy's approach to the Kaiyo, before she finally caught up and slashed across the first of these soldier-foes she could reach her beam saber as it took light. After the slash, she applied applying a shot from her off-hand forearm weapon, in hopes of rendering the other so-called 'space bird' senseless.

"We are not on defense," she urged her teammates. "Defeat them, and board their shuttle before it escapes!"
Meissa blinked a few times, realizing the situation. She's not on defense.

Well then.

"Objective acknowledged. Requesting auxiliary power. I'll need it."

A sort of eerie chill creeps into her voice as she really begins digging into her suit's functionality. She puts away her SiZi so she can fire her wrist-mounted Forearm Pulse Cannon. Won't be needing that peashooter.
She begins by unloading a deadly salvo of Aether Beam and Pulse Cannon fire at the marked suit. When her three seconds of Aether Beam are up, she switches and fires both of her Pulse Cannons for two seconds, before resuming her deadly Beam-and-Blast. Her NSBs still serve about the same role of getting targets where she wants them, but now they float a little farther from her, firing independently from one another, establishing weird flanking angles and zoning away other suits.

The enemy that Carter had locked on to, and that had taken a beating from Meissa and Navian, was torn apart by their combined efforts. Its power armor's chest was split apart at the seams and after it had busted open, the bones of the creature had broken and ribs cracked, pushing into their lungs and breaking them. They took their last shallow breaths as they died and were the first to fall in this battle, their first against Yanatai. Its body slumped and it began to tumble through space before another winged power armor-clad combatant picked it up under the arms and began moving back to the shuttle with one arm fully extended out, ready to fire its pulse cannon at any that came in front of it. A third combatant covered their back while the other retreated with the body of their comrade.

The unknown power armor that Navian Had begun attacking had indeed been knocked senseless, but only for a moment before regaining its composure. There was a deep burn in the plates of the armor Navian had struck, but nothing so detrimental that it had gone through shields. It brought its own rather saber up to begin never combat with Navian.

The half of the enemy force that had moved closer to the Kaiyō were deterred as the members of the infantry most recently tasked with defending the ship began releasing shot after shot, ever aware of avoiding friendly fire as they targeted the attackers.

"Girls," Madoka shouted. "We can't have a combined effort against one enemy at a time like the rest of the away team is doing, we have to each take on a few at a time and engage them individually or they'll slip past us. Pick your target and fire at will, will you?"

The enemy pushed into their line of defense, but the Neko held strong. Meanwhile, the rest of the enemy that had held their ground to fight the away team took shot after shot, each of which hit one member of the team at some point. The shields were not down on any of the Mindy, not even close, but it looked like the shields were also not down for any of the enemy besides for the one that was being moved back to the shuttle. The away team still had a big fight to put up.

YSS Kaiyō

"We got one!" Eden cried out over comms, then to her confidants on the bridge, muttered. "These power armor are strong. A Mindy should have blasted them down sooner than this if they're an enemy we can say with confidence that we can crush. I am concerned."
Mat dodged a couple of shots as he closed with one of the enemy power armors. As he closed, he fired a total of three mini missiles from his countermeasure pod. These were the subspace detonation kind, and should bust through the shields of the enemy power armor.

Mat then closed the range and attempted to cleave through his target with his aether saber bayonet.
The one called Shan has been quiet this whole time, not firing either but after the note from Taii Eden about not provoking the shuttle itself she paid less attention to it and more on the significantly more threatening power armor units closing in on the Kaiyo. The point defense systems might have more difficulty against these guys than standard missiles but she'd rather not be boarded. So instead, she asked a question, her voice calmly and clearly puncturing the temporary veil of silence that was dominating the bridge: "Should I engage the enemy armors instead?"
Between the Kaiyo and the Main Battle

Navian spun her aether saber up, left-handed as always, to parry her right-handed opponent's blade to the outside. As soon as the blades were no longer before her, she made a feint of a strike with her shield's edge, stopping short to launch a shot from her right forearm pulse cannon, and hopefully take her foe by surprise before they freed their blade.

She'd taken her aether saber as an afterthought, and it still was not plugged in properly, having less than a minute of power left, now. The foe was far tougher than she expected, but she wasn't concerned about time yet. Swordsmanship came first.
YSS Kaiyo, Laboratory
A beeping.. What was that..? With a heavy groan, the resident blonde scientist had raised his heavy head and glanced around the scattered papers and assorted vials arranged around him. With one hand Mochi brushed his fringe back from his emerald eyes and turned to the source of the sound. Before he could locate what was making that incessant noise, the MEGAMI known as Boss notified the scientist indifferently: "Juni, we have entered combat. Please make your way to the Bridge."

"Uhhh.." he replied intelligently, checking the nearest clock and raising an eyebrow at how long he'd napped for. "Shoot." Mochi muttered to nobody in particular as he stood, taking a moment to brush down his uniform before half-jogging on his way to the Bridge.

YSS Kaiyo, Bridge
After making it up to the command Bridge, Sein saluted Taii Teien Eden to be greeted with a cry of 'We got one!' and a comment about power armor. Silently stepping over to the Science console, the blonde would run his gaze over the screens other crew members were checking over. 'Hmm.. Power armor.. Shuttle.. Direct approach..?' Mochi analyzed everything he'd seen as he sat; a hand flicked across his station and brought up preliminary scans and pictures of the enemy equipment. After a moment, he reminded his commanding officer - "Taii, if that shuttle looks like it's going to pull something we can always use the Graviton Beam Projector to keep it at a distance."
Space Battle

In the chaos of the battle, Carter's analytical mind was working overtime. He saw the enemy's response to losing an Armor, and the overall state of both of the squadrons in conflict. Ideas and worries simultaneously flooded his thoughts, before being suppressed and replaced by an internal chain of logic that resolved itself in an instant. "Losing one takes another out of the fight. Focus fire, break them, push them back."

Carter glanced down in preparation to highlight the squad's next target, and saw Navian in a melee duel with one of the enemy Armors. With brutal precision, he fired three LASR shots at the enemy duelist, one at its head and two at its chest, speaking as he does. "I've got you, Navian. Start calling targets, I'll follow your lead. we need to focus them down one by one and push them back!"

Naturally, the next target that Carter highlighted was Navian's aggressor, which he continued to soften up with his unnaturally precise LASR marksmanship, placing two more shots square into the Armor's chest.
Meissa, having seen the original target flee, carried by its comrade, shifts to the side of the formation.
"Engaging enemy with maximum brutality." she calmly says over the comms. She swung her deadly blizzard of beams and bullets towards the retreating armors, with all the grace of an ice skater doing a masterpiece performance. If, you know, an ice skater shot murder out of his or her hands.
Mitsuko wasn't surprised that the aliens immediately began firing on them, but she was disappointed. Was it too much to ask to run into some friendly aliens for a change? Ones that didn't open fire the moment they saw you?

She had activated her barriers as the fight began, immediately pulling back as most of the others rushed into combat. While she'd survived plenty of PA combat, mostly against Reapers and Rippers, she hadn't actually done that well in these engagements. Her Mindy was scarred and battered for a good reason. Thankfully they were only slightly outnumbered this time, and had backup nearby, so she wasn't quite as worried about their chances this time. While the others rushed forward to fight, she saw this first round as data. Observe these new enemies and record and register everything she possibly could. Watch for some sort of pattern or weakness, and try to exploit it.

Meissa might have been more focused on shooting than theorizing, but they both saw an opportunity and came to the same conclusion. If not for the same reasons. "Yes, this is our opening. Take advantage of their distraction, e-eliminate the two exposed, and push towards the shuttle." She followed her own advice, finally switching off her barriers to begin firing her forearm weapons in pulse mode. Aiming to spray down the one armor that seemed to be guarding the retreating, encumbered one. "Each enemy who turns to assist will make themselves a target."
YSS Kaiyō

"Excellent idea, Mochi. Set up the Graviton Beam Projector. Keep that shuttle where it is," Teien Eden said, confident in his plan. "Nito Hei Shan, if we do that, we risk hitting our own team members. The Kaiyō will not engage the enemy with its own weapons unless we have a clear shot."


Mat's target had taken the aether saber to its power armor poorly. It clutched its wounded armor and then, upset and angered, now, pushed its blade further towards Mat, nearly hitting the minkan. He cleaved his own aether weapon towards Mat, again.

The feint to strike her enemy with her shield made Navian's adversary think they would be moving a certain way that did not include blocking a blow from her pulse cannon. It struck the enemy armor. Carter, too, took time to destroy the enemy Navian faced and it worked quite well. Burn marks, lacerations and bullet holes could be seen on the power armor. Shields now decimated, it flew upwards, then began a retreat towards the shuttle. An enemy fell back to protect the injured one, holding up its machine gun to ward off any potential threat to either of them.

As Mitsuko and Meissa made their way to those going to the shuttle, their foes shot out their own weapons as they had fire rain down upon them. The enemy power armor guarding the other two, one of which was dead, shot out its aether rifle, missing Meissa just barely on the first few rounds. She was hard to pinpoint as she moved around expertly and the combatant gave up trying to hit her and instead pointed his aether rifle at Mitsuko. He shot out, almost hitting her but not quite on the first few rounds. Finally, he was lucky and he clipped her shoulder. He re-aimed at Meissa, but was too late as his comrade had begun shooting out, as well, with their forearm cannon. The shots nearly struck her, then hit her in the chest only once. Now that they had a lock on her, though, they were ready to hit her, again.
With the highly damaged Armor in retreat, Carter adjusted his position slightly, moving upward relative to his target in order to get a clear shot over the head of the enemy who had fallen back to protect his comrade, and placed a Gauss cannon shot square in the retreating Armor's back in an effort to finish it off before it escaped back to the shuttle.

With his parting gift delivered, the technician shifted his focus to the two Armors opening fire on Meissa and Mitsuko. He quickly aimed and began pelting one of them with LASR shots. "Swapping targets. I'm with you, Mitsuko."
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